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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:32

President Tahmazoğlu:\"Houses of the printer to Turkey Example Will Be \"

President Tahmazoğlu:\
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Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, said demolition on the area carried out in the context of urban renewal in the neighborhood of the printer to do the structure will be an example to Turkey.

Gaziantep news: Photo urban regeneration and housing within the expropriation Şahinbey Municipality exemplary work in Turkey with the last 5 and a half years has made 295 million 720 thousand TL expropriation. The municipality moved its facilities for the construction of modern houses and 11 thousand independent part of the team that made ​​the determination of value by performing the destruction of the 5 thousand 260 will save the town from the bad view. Expropriation and demolition was completed in the neighborhood of the printer also began the construction of 162 residential and 24 business. Printer's Housing Expected to be completed in a short period of one year the date will be paying attention to texture. Photo Tahmazoğlu:\"< strong> THIS PROJECT TURKEY YE BE EXAMPLE \"Photo of the printer new structures to President Tahmazoğlu stating it would be appropriate to the historical texture of the houses in the neighborhood, \"We are your printer in our neighborhood urban renewal work . in this context, we completed the expropriation and demolition process before this area. Now here according to Türktepe and printer with the historical fabric of 162 residential and 24 units have planned work and did their bidding. we realized currently in locating . will start construction here as of tomorrow. Hopefully a short time in 162 home for us like 1 year and in this area to complete 24 units of our workplace will continue to urban renewal projects . here the houses and business places after completing we will continue towards urban regeneration work to Türktep direction remaining at the top of here. our newly prepared project , place, of the nature and date will be perfectly suited to the texture the way in 2 floors and will be in 3-storey house type. Stones and cover the exterior of this house. We will apply this architectural project , bearing the traces of architectural stone house in Gaziantep will be very nicely done . Examples of this project perhaps Turkey will be a project. I wish to be beneficial and auspicious in advance of the printer housing , \"he said .


President Tahmazoğlu:\"Houses of the printer to Turkey Example Will Be \"" comments for.


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