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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:47

President tobacconist adult son and I visited the Adobe

President tobacconist adult son and I visited the Adobe
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Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist , culture and speak the Antalya State Theatre with the aim of cooperation in the field of art (ADT) and the Antalya State Opera and Ballet ( ADOBE ) visited.

Antalya news: First Photo Antalya State Tiyatra (ADTA ) Director met with Selim Gürata . Tobacconist , his cultural and artistic activities in terms of the creation of a city in speech drew attention to the importance of identity . Tobacconist , ADT was passed a few games last season, staged in kepez . Chairman Hakan tobacconist , from Gürata this season in meat demand games staging Kepez . Photo Erdem Bayazıt Cultural Center ( EBKM ) State Theatre calling to make the scene tobacconist \"social purpose with ADT , the people in the area of social we make efforts for the development of the cultural structure. One is a children's play would be nice to be staged in kepez the two games can be , \"he said. Photo ADT Director Selim Gürata the game kepez the invitation to be staged ,\"I'm glad, I'm happy \"replied .Gürat to , a children's play since December Kepez announced they staged in ebkm . Selim Gürata after 2015 January is said they will meet with Kepezli a game ADT . Photo ATS Director Gürata , said that they wanted to stage the kepez some games under the International Theatre Festival. Photo STATE OPERA AND BALLET DE KEPEZ E COMING Photo President Hakan tobacconist , then last started working in October Antalya State Opera and Ballet ( ADOBE ) Director Asli visit to get better Ayan . Tobacconist , and wished success in Ayan task. President tobacconist , adobe represent some expressed that they wish to make in kepez . Adobe which last season staged in ebkm \"TURKEY I \"is followed by appreciation of the musical called transfer tobacconist , \"The State and the Opera Ballet , elementary school students for one piano four soloists effectiveness of their resume , one of the two representative each month , including for children we want them to meet with Kepezli , \"he said . Photo ADOBE Director of fact, a child's play with Ayan 1 pawn 4 soloists activity and \"TÜRKİYEM \"each month , including musical called said they would do two events in kepez . President
Views was accompanied by Deputy Mustafa Ozsoy .


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