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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:41

President Tolteca is , Painful Association Hosts

President Tolteca is , Painful Association Hosts
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Dilovası Mayor Ali Tolteca is , Dilovası Painful entertained Mr Abe and President in office of the Association board member .

Kocaeli news: Photo Guests with a time chatter President Tolteca is , Dilovası Painful wished them success in their association president of the newly-elected Mr Abe and work management.
met with associations in the county as required by the Social municipality , to exchange information regarding the district President stating that they Tolteca , \"the support of the Association of the work of local governments is important. Association president and requirements management for future met with our muhtars trying to planning with common ideas ,\"he said . President indicating an important role for the survival of the culture of the society in Photo Urban Tolteca , \"the associations to be transferred to future generations of culture sees the bridge . local culture of the people through associations are trying to survive and cultural elements of the society are playing a major role to be transferred to the next generation , \"he said . due to visit
President Tolteca Dilovası painful Association president Mr Abe and management he thanked the board members . Another Toltar of goodwill due to the hospitality and Abe Says Thank You , President wished success in their work . President Toltar flowers was presented at the end of a visit to Abu Chairman Nihat and management .

President Tolteca is , Painful Association Hosts" comments for.


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