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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:45

President Yilmaz, Tekirdag Tso Delegation Welcomed

President Yilmaz, Tekirdag Tso Delegation Welcomed
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Tekirdag Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( CCI) , which was organized by the \"Samsun Business Trip \"delegations in the context of Samsun , Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz visited in his office .

Samsun news:
37-person delegation guests representing President Yilmaz, during a visit in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality investments, how they may perform information about whether shared their experiences .
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality presidency of the visit at Tekirdag Municipality Vice Chairman Munir Karaevli , Süleymanpaş Mayor Ekrem Ekşinat , Tekirdag TSO Chairman Cengiz Günay , Tekirdag TSO Parliamentary Chairman Mustafa Ozden, the TSO Board of Directors and Member of Parliament , Tekirdag Tradesmen and Artisans Association Chairman Sami Beech, Tekirdag No. 1 Transport Association Cooperative President Ali Riza meat and Thrace Development Agency Secretary General Irfan Planters joined .
ahead of the visit of Samsun organized industrial zone factories in addition to the historical and tourist attractions sightseeing views located in Tekirdag delegation , the city's development makes an important contribution Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz congratulated . Samsun, in recent years a great change and ensure development that draws attention delegation that how success is achieved in the President Yilmaz received information .
Samsun Tekirdağ with urbanization in terms which are similar properties that there were Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz stressed that provides great benefits for business trips . Metropolitan municipalities of commerce and industry and the stock market close collaboration with being in the city in terms of development contributed greatly reminiscent President Yilmaz, \"Business trip to the benefit of , for many years I lived , I am . Tours of people in just a few things to catch your work easier can and your horizons can cause. Besides, we have done the city's trade and industry very closely with an integrated task. city's trade and industry belediyecilikle go hand in hand , unless municipality's job much harder . for that reason, we Samsun, commerce and industry and trade exchanges with an incredible're cooperating . Such co-operation of our business facilitation addition to city ​​planning and preparation of the future in us great contributions provide . So the city a good synergy if the municipality's job much easier. this would also recommend . otherwise, periodic facilities except the municipalities'success is not possible , \"he said .
port city is the advantages and disadvantages with President gives information about Yilmaz, the coastal road project and fill in the fields related to social projects implemented advised share the experience . Approximately 60-kilometer coastal road project scrupulously that they acted under the project beaches , such as embroidery continued to work who said President Yilmaz, Tekirdağ close to Istanbul due to many advantages to be tilted in favor have a chance , he added.
End of the visit the President Yilmaz, Tekirdag Deputy Mayor Munir karaevli Atatürk in Samsun , representing the statue was a gift of the table . The delegation souvenir photo taken collectively , Chairman of Yilmaz and Self ( Ozcem ) has not forgotten to do .


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