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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 18:08

President Young's Neighborhood Views

President Young's Neighborhood Views
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Canik Mayor Osman Young, stating that every citizen is valued for themselves , \"everyone in Janik see ourselves as part of a whole .

Samsun news: Canik Mayor Osman Young, each citizen for themselves is worthwhile noting , \"Janik anyone who lives in a part of the whole as we see. We our county the most remote corners until the service you want to feel ,\"he said .
neighborhood trips continued Canik Mayor Osman Young, along with the AK Party Canik Mayor Yılmaz Hocaoğlu , Vice President of the Assembly Members, Unit Manager and headmen with Başkonak , Hilaltep A , Kaleboğaz , the Kızıloğlak , Yenikoy, Smith neighborhood in the review found. Neighborhoods in the interest of citizens that met with President Young , especially education, housing related investigations found .
With citizens chatter and lack of knowledge about the field of President Young , prior to the election they promised and statutory duties within the framework of their studies implemented stating that the President Osman Young, \"All our efforts Janik's to take services to the remotest corners and the service is to make you feel . every one of our very valued citizens . Janik citizens living in each of us see ourselves as part of a whole , \"he said .
new neighborhoods important work to do, representing Young , \"Previously, our municipality within the boundaries because it is not municipal services can not benefit from the new neighborhood in our order of priority deficiencies will fix . Our main priority especially the future of our children, education training slots than our healthy make . , as we see difficulties in our schools great .'re doing currently identified . plaster, paint, garden, play area and hopefully soon we will fix such distress . Hopefully, our children are being educated in a healthier environment , \"he said .

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