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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 00:22

Presidential Palace in Muharram Vaccine (2)

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, \"Terrorist organizations are leans their backs on certain sect of militant recruits are certain sect, is guarded by members of certain sects and kollanıy \"he said.

Ankara news: Photo President Erdogan gave iftar at the Presidential Palace on the occasion of the month of Muharram Alevis . This Ramadan , made ​​history as the first guests of the new Presidential building. Photo Speaking at the program , President Erdogan, \"bombs on Iraq linking the killers , going , dive among the Muslims who are from other denominations , mosques, Muslims in the tomb slaughters . As they want them adjectives they wear , the Shia would have said , the Sunni are their only title of the matter he is a murderer. terrorist organizations are leans their backs on certain sect of militant recruits are certain sect, is guarded by members of certain sects and kollanıy . they also Sunni whether Shiite them or not, whether they be of the flame wants to Nusayri themselves predecessor, they also Vehab , they have only one adjective that is a terrorist . it states legitimize terror insert the have the terrorist Shiite title. Nusayri saying state terrorism , can justify the slaughter. so there are countries that terrorists , murderers , justifies brutality Sunni saying . Hazrat Hussein Yezidleş telling the footsteps of those who went , we follow the Prophet Prophet's saying a large internal burguntu you go in the footsteps of those İblisleş . Now we have to make the following distinction very clearly . Shia killer or killers before being Sunni. Terrorists are terrorists before being flame or Salafi . Mosque bomb exploded until the Shiites on the link between those who pray saying is to legitimize this murder take place in pure undoubtedly Yazid \"he said .
\" ATROCIOUSLY HEAD Shiite MEANS THE PROPHET to KESEN EXCHANGE AN' contempt \"Photo \"by bomb exploded on entering the tomb children slaughtered main Sunni say to justify this massacre also keep ranks next to no hesitation Yazid \"stressed that Erdogan,\"301 people , women, the ruthless massacre of children at a killer just turn a blind eye because it is Nusayri is sacrilege against him remain silent in memory of Hazrat Hussein . Mercilessly cutting head , the sheer brutality of the terrorist organization to justify artificial sympathy , saying Hazrat Hussein , the Ahlul Bayt , Hazrat Prophet and the Prophet is a clear disrespect to the Qur'an . That's putting aside all our title today , just a man, all these murders as a Muslim only our heart , our hearts , we have to inquire with our conscience . This questioning will continue , unfortunately, to flow as long as the geography of our brothers blood groove groove made ​​, \"he said .
\" THE SAME ROAD YOLCULARIYIZ \"Photo discriminate on the Islamic geography and Erdogan said that the unresolved none of the cause bloodshed , he said:\"This is blood , tears flowing down the drain believe this . The fighting these fights , believe that anger is based on highly artificial grounds. We vendettas of pain, anger , hatred, suffering from issuing a nation is not brotherhood , solidarity, brotherhood brings a nation we have become . We are the people who in the face of Yazid's army in Karbala together . We are the people together in the face of persecution Dersim. Sivas, in the Gazi district , Corum, Kahramanmaras and drive all kinds are the people who sided face of death . No we do not appreciate anyone's death. We do not grieve anyone ever live. At the same soils, geography , civilization insanlarıyız , yolcularıyız the same way . We arrived late Asik Veysel to Photo . What did he say beautiful .'What is Yazid , what Kızılbaş , are not we all a kardaş burns us our attachment , fighting is the only way .'Haci Bektas Veli , how has been the core of the bitter hearts fluttering with his convictions to establish brotherhood .'Love affection Us boiling pit , nightingales in our bosom opens laugh comes enthusiasm , ambition , hatred disappear love square with us , lion why gazelles are friends in our arms . \"Photo \" FLOWING BLOOD BROTHERS BLOOD \"Photo What in Turkey, between 77 million members in what can not be resolved between the members of the Islamic geography, Erdogan pointed out also that there is no issue will not be resolved to suhulet solution , \"know that every drop of blood flowing evidence brothers . While every drop of blood flowing glad you are , we are the enemies of all our brothers . Enemy than happy to give up a moment ago , which is the responsibility of every human mind and conscience. Shiite shrine in Najaf's gaining not our enemies as they die Sunnis. Sunnis and Shiites in Baghdad mosque is not serialized as they die wins. Damascus , Aleppo , Homs , Idlib , baths , not the poor street children as they die Nusayris gaining sedition . People in Kirkuk, Mosul Muslims not discord as they die wins. Turkish, Kurdish, Shiite , Sunni Arab , Alevi, a process in which we live Nusayris always lose together. Believe me, the antidote to this process is Turkey. Turkey all these conflicts is hope these fights . Turkey , Alevi, Sunni population with Turks, Kurds, Arabs and other ethnic groups in the name of brotherhood with the sole hope of our vast geography . If we break each other for nothing , just that we do not lose , we have the wide geography. If we artificially issues, to polarization , the polarization becomes our vast geography winning if we leave aside , \"he said .
, Erdogan said:\"In this country, my brother, Sunni and Alevi and that breathing I call a full sincerity . Bitter our partners, our direction , our book , Our Ahl partners. Let's not let a team come to play over us in the states. Come to a team building game intelligence upon us let's not allowed anymore . The disease of the modern world hand Let's not allow our young people who took the effort to haunt them . Our young people to fall into the trap of terrorism , unfounded , wiped my eyes yummayal to go in an endless fight for nothing . Come take a lesson from Karbala cuddle together . Bridal Hazrat Hussein's martyrdom Let's grow our brotherhood with our Lord . Bridal future , let's hope for our vast geography . I hope çoğaltal , the enemy is not my friend sevindirel . The bride can have a let . Let's let's also a big let's alive . \"( SU

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