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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:24

Preventive Oral and Dental Health Practice Training was given in Elazığ Flor

Preventive Oral and Dental Health Practice Training was given in Elazığ Flor
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By Elazığ Provincial Public Health Office, preventive dental health education was given fluoride therapy .

Elazığ news: Photo Elazig Public Health Department Community Health Services Branch , which was organized by the \"Preventive Oral Health Flor Application Training\"was held at the conference hall Elazig Teachers . Conference kindergarten , 1st and 2nd grade teachers who will perform with applications Firat University School of Health Sciences Department of Nursing 3rd grade students participated . Participants , mouth, dental health, fluoride gel and fluoride varnish were given comprehensive information about applications. Providing information on the application Elazığ Provincial Public Health Director İbrahim Halil Akkus, \"Public Health Directorate , which is part of preventive dental health services between the tasks of fluoride gel and fluoride varnish applications more efficiently , more healthy way of training sessions for implementation in schools we did. kindergarten for all schools to Education 4 performing practice session held the 1st and 2nd grade teacher and our having to perform applications Firat University school of Health Sciences department of Nursing 3. ensuring the participation grade students oral and dental health, fluoride gel and fluoride more information about varnish applications allowing them to have , \"he said . Photo Elazig in February'Brushes Bags , Teeth Way'project 8 thousand 114 students from the 5 thousand 921 2 times fluorine Akkus reminding gel applied, \"2014-2015 education and training During this project as a continuation of the 1st and 2nd classes to cover about 13 thousand students was scheduled 4 times a fluoride gel application. One from the Ministry of Health are the top 5 priority preventive dental health practices . Fluoride and fluoride varnish protective gel is one of the most important applications in oral and dental health practices . Oral and dental health screening and fluoride gel application in previous years Elazig Directorate of Public Health and apply as necessary notifications were made on children in need of treatment . We hope that this year the Ministry of Health protective applications received over 60 months starting in the main class students into fluoride varnish application. Therefore, the main class organized training our teachers also attended. Our goal in fluoride varnish application was determined to be about 3 thousand students . Fluoride varnish application will be held 2 times a year to students master class . Our dentist for your dental practice will fırçalatıl before the students, then the screening kit sent by the Ministry of Health will make the oral and dental health screening. After the scan also will make the fluoride varnish application. All primary school studying and teaching 40 thousand primary school students toothbrush and toothpaste distribution as soon as accomplishing our children the protection of the oral and dental health , at war with dental caries will be raising awareness , \"he said .

Preventive Oral and Dental Health Practice Training was given in Elazığ Flor" comments for.


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