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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 12:17

Primary Liability for Non-Municipal Plaque

Primary Liability for Non-Municipal Plaque
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Aksaray Social Security Institution (SGK ) with no outstanding insurance premiums by paying premiums regularly and was given a plaque of appreciation to municipalities .

Aksaray news: Aksaray Social Security Institution (SGK ) by insurance premiums there is no debt and primary who regularly pay their municipal plaque of appreciation was given .
At a facility The program, Governor of Honor Ataklı , Provincial Director of SSI Saffet hardworking, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Levent Dies , Mayor Fate Haluk Sahin , Istanbul University (AU) Rector. Dr. . Mustafa Acar , Istanbul Levent Bozkurt Bar Association President , Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ahmet Kocas joined . Honorary Governor gave a speech at
Program Ataklı municipal debt in the absence of SSI said it was a very nice situation . Municipalities in difficult conditions with limited facilities services are working to the Governor Ataklı , \"our municipalities , budgets Used To the extent services to citizens trying to take . These challenges in the SSI borrowers not to be fucked to admirable condition. Pay their debts municipal our congratulations ,\"he said . < Br/> SSI City Manager Saffet hardworking , the bag law being debated in parliament of administrative fines accumulated 50 percent of all deleted noted. Hardworking, all Bag-Kur premiums payable by municipalities that three-month application period , one-month suspension period and four months, the accumulated premiums paid in full in case of delay time all of it will be deleted noted.
After the speeches , the primary there is no debt and insurance premiums regularly paying Aksaray , district and village mayors were given a plaque of appreciation by the members of the protocol .

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