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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:49

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu:

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, organized by the Cultural Association of Parents Hacıbektaş 4. In his speech at the International Day of Ashura Hacıbektaş said this brotherhood will never split.

Nevşehir news: Photo Hacıbektaş parents after the first Ceragem Wake ceremony at the Cultural Center Hazrat Hussein and Lamentations was read for those who lost their lives in Karbala . Culture and Tourism Ministry, who spoke after the show made ​​by Semah team Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"These places evils are places to def. Our history is the history of a long walk . Prime responsibility is a heavy responsibility. All the relics of my eyes yaşararak moment in my mind. After receiving the task the same morning Haji Baram I went to-the parent's grave. I bought him is des . I am not here to do political speech , I came to get des is . I prayed a few hours remain on çilehane visit the Hacı Bayram-ı Veli . this is to give a confession . Alevi Bektashi Veli tradition knows what it is . I went to the Exalted Mevlana's presence , \"he spoke as follows:Photo \"I went to Ahi Evran places. Haci Bektas Veli's another brother. there go with decency . We came up with decency everywhere not with arrogance . Contact was taught travertine tradition of the parents. I went to Sayyid when I went to Photo Malatya Battalgazi . I visited Sayyid Burhanettin parents. I'm here with permission from the way here Emirsultan and brought greetings travertine Guardian . All I will concentrate on the Ahmet Yesevi fed from the same source. It never indivisible brotherhood in these lands. Photo does not impose anything on any other tradition . Each tradition is beautiful in itself. One does not have to impose anything to anyone . When we look at the basic principles of the Alevi Bektashi tradition , each one of us are part of this tradition .Photo Alevi-Sunni distinction could be ? How is it that although Hazrat Hasan and Hussein et reverence Abilene considered contrary to Islam . Hazrat Hasan , Hazrat Hussein directory is , 12 is the imam of the Prophet's spirit guide and Hazrat carry , carry the luggage . Who would not disrespect us the Ahl al-Bayt . \"Parents Hacıbektaş Photo Culture Association Chairman Mustafa Özciv who said,\"We are a reality in this country , we have oppressed. Up to this day , and we tried to deny destruction by assimilation policies. We have always existed and will continue to do so. We accept people intertwined with God. People of religion, language, race , we allocate according to y . We place our friends in taşıdık.yıl love and friendship are the Alevi Bektashi belief that we went were misunderstood. These dark forces of ignorance knows opportunity , Flame opened deep wounds in humans. Until recently, Sivas, had a very Karbala are in Marash. Photo Alevi community and the faith of the problems in this country should be solved by the council and the government. Unwilling to resolve the problems of the Alevis and Alevi means stop for a moment before those problems should be solved through pass up , \"he said .

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu:" comments for.


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