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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:46

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu:

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu:
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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Alevi and Sunni brothers and is equal citizens.

Nevşehir news: Photo Davutoglu in his speech at the Hacıbektaş , \"Every fire is twinned with every Sunni . Equals citizens. without losing anything of equal citizens properties we should talk to all of our property ,\"he said .
Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"Once sedition seed sown , Syria'also and structures such as Isidor , as in many countries emerges. our core partnership is to try to live with all these beautiful traditions in our own personal lives. each flame is twinned with every Sunni . Equals citizens. we need to talk all of our property without losing anything of equal citizens properties. Photo If misconception will see more as Hacıbektaş the passengers we have many places . by inviting only calling Alevi looking at their hearts as citizens Mihm new , we will solve these issues by turning to each other our hearts . heart does not need an interpreter to speak to the hearts. is the Betty language Hacıbektaş the language , \"he he said. Photo Davutoglu, Hacıbektaş Zulfikar sword was a gift to the Mayor to be exhibited in museums .

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu:" comments for.


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