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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:41

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu attended the Mass Opening Ceremony

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu , Travel December 17, noting that Kopani event and tried to cut through the front , \"They say you happen to us too .

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu , Travel December 17, noting that Kopani event and tried to cut through the front , \"They say you happen to us too . Nay, we'll be more . We are at the beginning of the road ,\"he said . Photo Prime Minister Davutoglu , Istanbul Governorship and Municipality Visit after a speech at the opening ceremony of Muftis Square , \"This hero realm from 3 to mercy to salute the heroes yesterday Yüksekova'nın martyrs is the third hero brother of our Lord from mercy wish the families I express my condolences \"he began .
94 years ago, when this hero city invasion suffered remove their heads Marasliyan ,\"the Maras not us güliz enemy without grave \"also stated that Obama,\"Here we are screaming that we call addressed the spirituality of our yesterday's martyrs who what do you do if what pitfalls establish if the course is that the land would not be güliz the pawn of foreign imperialist us without grave. we will not give opportunity to those who want to sedition seed bread on these lands. we will give opportunity to those who wanted to end our brotherhood ongoing since Manzikert , we huzurund for her , \"he said .
Photo \" SUTCU IMAM in which MISS TURKEY tHIS \"said
on February 28 this land in dairy Imam's grandson banned applied to many Davutoglu, said family:Photo \"That's where my brothers side by side open head veiled sisters. But such days period came on Dairy Imam's torment almost as the veiled spirit was kept in our brothers front door was insulting , \"out out \"they subjected to insults and last year the Parliament on 30 September reforms in after a heroic Kahramanmaraşlı Erdem Beyazıt deceased's daughter loved the ladies Parliament'kerchief had entered the straight . That is the Imam of our dairy and our covenant loyalty . This year I was given the freedom to headscarf secondary education. Now entering the country without distinction off on each brother with sister studying in public schools working together hand in hand with the Assembly . That Turkey in dairy Imam's dream. Now Marasliyan are dairy does the Imam went out with a deposit ? We reported the rate to hand extending the headscarf as she did? You Allah accept your martyrdom . Let it be known that no one in this land a better outfit , faith, thought to be so insulting . Nobody cruelty to torture will be made to each of our citizens with honor and head into an upright position to use the land rights on this land . \"Photo 12 years in the greater reforms and projects that realize that Turkey and cease to be a country wanting the debt the world's most aid enter between lenders who explained that Prime Minister Davutoğlu states , \"Are you satisfied with that ? This is the spirit of February 12 . Kahramanmaras conducted on February 12 that the national revolution of today will not lend money to borrowers , which is Turkey. Not taking orders right screaming instructions anywhere in the world is Turkey. 12 years to be able to repair a tank , we feel we need even to other countries , we beg them so that if you become modernized tank. We were lining up in other countries for our ship . Our Top Our missiles were being received from other countries . Such a country can preserve its independence ? We have become a country produces its own tanks in 12 years. We have become a country with its own warships in 12 years. Hopefully soon we will be a country with its own warplanes . That was Ridvan Hoxha's dairy envisioned by Imam wants Turkey b \"he said. Photo Photo \"TURKEY THE POWER INCREASES \"
much the staff that makes this national will of the sovereign games he played , many pitfalls continued his speech Obama said committee:Photo \"people on the street whether they tried to excuse Travel events , pitting nation . Then again, 17 to 25 December he tried to put pressure to persecute . Now Kopani events so they apply the same pressure, but Anatolia gave people the Thracian people of my country beautiful people Kahramanmaras brave people came out and the necessary response on March 30, and to all on March 30 this game'stop'they said. After you have established other machines. They saw that the national will to press on the individual candidates said they collected the roof . Candidates have common interests with the instructions from the outside but Kahramanmaras said what? Roof not us , he got us based on fundamental national will. You have basically said date. Date ground said I need . On August 10, the President gave us this Kahramanmaraşlı with 71 percent support . Because they knew the presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ridvan Hoxha , the milkman would represent the ideals of Imam honor their faith . A great honor for the first time in history a president has entrusted the task of Turkey in peace to another. How come if we have inside the national will , in the face of all these pitfalls , we will continue to go with the oppressed in the world . They saw that Turkey's rising power , comes with the oppressed who are trying to cut our way but what you say, we understand the lineage migrated philosophy . We Muharram in Karbala Hz. The struggle that gave yolcularıyız Hussein . Its passengers are cruel and show no hesitation in the face of the oppressed . And interests with the oppressed . \"Photo Photo \" provocateurs sinister ÇIKARTABİLİRL \"Photo \"That's our policy, our conscience, our foundation This is also the philosophy they set up now traps for him , \"said Davutoglu,\"Ottoman Seljuk that looked like the same as the Republic of Turkey as well as collecting gürrah oppressed under the sycamore tree off a plane with them in any case it keeps them out again when they wake up in us problems. These are behind the recent events . They want to cut our trip and in front of 17 and Kopani event. Are you going to allow this Marasliyan for ? You have a lot to us , they say . Nay, we'll be more . We are at the beginning of the road . Hopefully, everyone get ready for the 100th anniversary of the Republic in 2023 to a much more powerful Turkey. We hope to successfully complete his first goal for the 2015 elections. Prior to the 2015 elections before the presidential election could be a team like the same pitfalls as March 30th. Such events provocateurs can make mischief in the country. All kinds can enter the trap. Are you ready to stand in the face of all these pitfalls with us ? \"He said. Photo Photo 459 MILLION £'< strong> an investment Photo ceremony, 144 work in the service Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, stating that opens, he said that it cost a total of 459 million of investment. 585 classrooms, a 500-bed treatment and research hospital with 100 thousand capacity describing student hostel investment was made Davutoglu, hostel capacity it is still small , Kahramanmaras to soon 3 thousand unveiled will build dormitory complex . \"This works great and blessed Kahramanmaras get better ,\"said Prime Minister Davutoglu, said:Photo \"a lot more work, are willing to give hope to Kahramanmaras . Excitedly I know you expect fast train to Kahramanmaras . Speed ​​trains from Adana to Istanbul, Kahramanmaras the connection from Nurdağı future . Kahramanmaras will give a nod to all incoming and outgoing . I know it's a little late in Göksun way . We met our minister hope it will be completed as soon as possible . We also completed as soon as the airport terminal. This is also the city of the saints of our trade, our agriculture , we will become the center of our tourism. Look exports in 2002 had a $ 100 million , $ 800 million now . There were 300 million total trade, foreign trade is now 1 billion 600 thousand dollars. Each field in the 7 to 10-fold in the last 12 years has come from Kahramanmaras . Hopefully we will see together that will hopefully at the beginning of the rising city of Kahramanmaras Turkey. If you nor we are ready to do it. \"Photo Photo \" KAHRAMANMARAŞ HIGH SCHOOL 7 WILL BE FINE MAN MUSEUM \"Photo Istiklal pave the way for the individuals of a Turkey Kahramanmaras forever be in debt that emphasizing the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, \"this debt will continue to pay ,\"he said . Obama voicing their fans to each street of Kahramanmaras , spoke as follows:\"Metropolitan our mayor , governor Us I said when describing the morning Kahramanmaras , former that beautiful neighborhoods , Ulucami arcade behind , let's all so nicely maintained that the former Kahramanmaras , Kahramanmaras get a name in National city. Let me give you another gospel , Istanbul High School, 7 will be Fine Man Museum. The capital of the poem , the museum will be remembered with poetry . 7 shed their nice guy's poetry string Kahramanmaras feeling he will survive . After everyone came to Kahramanmaras poetry , literature, will see its independence . We had a very busy week , we made a number of studies with many problems. Yesterday we went to Kayseri , Kahramanmaras on the night we arrived 02:30 hours . Night 2:30 means that, at a time can come when you least expect Kahramanmaras . Our friends said that ,'Too Tired , we arrived at 02:30 at night , there are programs in 10:00 .'I said that ever gets tired of Kahramanmaras . Does embracing tired with Kahramanmaraşlı said . Whether in the chest with his chest Kahramanmaraşlı , I said, tired combining the heartbeat heartbeat . Be sure to see all this fatigue on this bright your eyes, see your enthusiasm after we return with greater strength and energy to Ankara. Because we know we Ankara and all over the world a lot of issues to grappling , struggling , Kahramanmaraşlı he cherished grandfather , grandmother to us in our praying prostrate. Kahramanmaraşlı mighty men ,'we're behind you ,'he says . \"Photo

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu attended the Mass Opening Ceremony" comments for.


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