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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:15

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's wife Sare Davutoglu:

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Breast Awareness Month Activities within the scope of the month from Nevsehir Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's wife Sare Davutoglu, the scope of activities brought to Nevsehir 36 and 19 CR digital mammography equipment was inaugurated devices .

Nevşehir news: Sare Davutoglu, breast cancer women cancers 1 in 4 form , saying , \"Breast cancer awareness should increase ,\"he said .
Ministry of Health Cancer Control Department by breast cancer to take care of and organized this year, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu'with the participation of the wife Sare Davutoğlu held in Nevsehir'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'event was organized within the framework of the conference . Nevsehir State Hospital seminar held at the Seminar Hall , the Prime Minister's wife Sare Davutoglu Ahmet Davutoglu , Fatma Şahin, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor , Nevsehir Governor Mehmet Ceylan, Hacettepe University Professor Rektörğ Dr. Murat Tuncer, KETEM treated patients , patients treated for breast cancer and citizens attended the meeting. Of silence and the National Anthem after reading a speech breast cancer treated Jasmine Tamer, \"for nearly 5 years with breast cancer'm struggling . 26th since the age of cancer'm struggling with . Cancer , early diagnosis is important , I think. You risk if you check in early built and you can get your fear . now dropped the average age of breast cancer . increase awareness within the meaning of work is being done very nicely , \"he said .
opening speech of the conference, the Ministry of Health Department of cancer Assoc. Dr. Murat Gultekin , the \"October, breast cancer awareness is the month . Worldwide as us different events , let said. The world's new cancer statistics at the forefront of women appears in the maximum risk of cancer is breast cancer . Now worldwide company ever. In Turkey in recent years in women dominating type of cancer . 60 thousand to our women diagnosed with cancer are putting and its 15 thousand breast cancer. breast cancer is completely treatable is a cancer . females, productivity and industriousness out for us the future is . EU a year, 1.6 trillion is spent. until 2020 across Europe 100 percent screening were revealed. , we just 40 years old mamagrofisi come to call it , \"he said.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin ,\"the road while ago people said. people lived in the state thumbs said. ago human life , education and basic I have seen their rights . between women and men , without any discrimination to equal opportunity people have given . that's why 12 years later we were full . It is the most fundamental transformation of the health transformation . The most important for our women and our children were given positive discrimination . I need to do to raise awareness . We believe that the need to increase this awareness . All opportunities in our hands . New research , we see that as an important factor for us . The cost of this work also believe that it is ultimately cheaper . preventive and protective systems necessarily need to believe . After 12 years of experience in Ankara city instructions we give back to our first breast cancer was . We have seen that our women pull , but it is the beginning of the believers saw someone change quickly saw results . 76 million from the health, community health goes. We will coordinate and combine our strength we see that early detection saves lives , \"he said .
in Nevsehir Governor Mehmet Ceylan , \"In our province such an auspicious thank you for doing business . Early diagnosis and linen feel once again how important it is . And with a sense of blame that we are under a great opportunity for our people to benefit from the best possible value for our people, we will continue to pursue . I would like to thank everyone who supported us . these types of meetings and awareness for us and diseases of overcoming early detection believe that our incentive I wish to be , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's wife Sare Davutoglu, the masses correct information should be given , he said. Davutoglu, said:
\"People the speed of communication between our vehicles we have today gained this fight is very important to use effectively . Audiences with the right information and guidance needs to be transferred . Of all actors involved in the fight against breast cancer patient and his relatives besides awareness with each other NGOs have an important role in the communication to be established . Prevention of all types of cancer patients were not included in the process of contributing to the solution of our struggle are adversely affected. Patients and their families should be reminded that they are not alone . A woman receiving a cancer diagnosis will undermine the whole family . Increase the effectiveness of breast cancer in many countries is used for mammography . This means returning to our women in every corner of our country will be more useful . Leading the way is extremely important . How much of the staff working at KETEMs in breast cancer are known to perform an important task . Physicians are extremely selfless work they undertake . Breast cancer accounts for 1 in 4 of all women's cancers . Alcohol and tobacco use, stress and shorter-term breastfeeding and sometimes uncontrolled drugs used in hormone therapy increased breast cancer explaining factors. Environmental carcinogens today where those carcinogens that are used to steer clear of foods will be useful. Each year in October, the scope of activities they organize activities to increase awareness . These programs breast cancer in combination with all types of cancer awareness in creating hope . \"
Conference , fight breast cancer who contributed to the plate with the issuance ended .
Sare Davutoglu and the accompanying protocol , then 36 digital mammography equipment , 19 One CR 5 pcs mobile mammography screening tool device performing the opening ceremony , linen visited .

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's wife Sare Davutoglu:" comments for.


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