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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:07

Prime Minister Davutoglu attended the AK Party Congress Altındağ

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"the yatmışk the other parties hibernation , when dealing with each other disputes ,'who has resigned , why he resigned'discussions living ,'I wonder who else will step down ,\"he almost resigned toto , playing AK Party congress as feast squads in enthusiasm doing , \"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Prime Minister Davutoglu, Altındağ Municipality held at the Indoor Sports Hall joined the AK Party Altındağ Congress. Prime Minister Davutoglu, in his speech , Buca's drawing attention to the importance , \"23 April 1920, a Friday, Haci Bayram walking that eminent people to Parents from the Parliament building , to make Gazi Mustafa Kemal and his friends Altındag the center of a new state Ankara marched to the Altındağ to make capital. all God bless . our spirituality in this land , peace be upon until our faith seed when planting all the great er . in this land Altındağ , peace be upon National Anthem by Mehmet Akif . God Do not leave this nation have to write a national anthem . We say we say in response to his spirit ,'Do not you ever wondered Supreme Mehmet Akif . this land is then eternity only national anthem that you wrote , and he will dominate the flag gets inspirational , \"he said . < br/> Davutoglu, everywhere emphasizing that the excitement and great joy, \"AK party cadres are preparing standing tall and 2015 . Other parties that yatmışk hibernate , when dealing with each other disputes ,'who has resigned , why he resigned'discussions living ,'I wonder who else will step down , \"he almost resigned toto playing , doing conventions , such as the AK Party cadres feast of enthusiasm. More provincial congress did not start , but enthusiastic and excited as our congressional districts undergoing provincial congresses . Participating in all our congress would say hi to all the AK party , \"he said .
\"Now that is Altindag center of our spirituality , since it is the center of our Altindag independence, Altındag to 70 per cent below the unworthy , God above him , Kerim \"said Prime Minister Davutoglu said the following to M Buca's fate by emphasizing that connects two points:Photo \"Altındag there's a difference. Mamak on with people from Anatolia , Ankara Anatolia had formed with the merger of the zemli . Altındağ also very serious internal migration and the squatters lived accordingly. Mamak, not in the center of Ankara , was later expanded, but the squatters had lived in the historic center of Ankara Altindag . What was needed was a very serious restoration . In Mamak , Mamak Prison , had Ulucanlar Altındağ . Both prison also left both districts do not need to remember our past. What did the AK Party ? AK Party to squatters , or a city in two different ways of life, which is in a comfortable part of town, history was clear even root can not find clean water due to infrastructural deficiencies of other sectors. Stood in Mamak garbage dump , is history , the squatters area in Altindag changed the urban transformation . Altındağ was reunited with his own history. I thank the chairman Veysel Bey Hamamönü Municipal hence restoration . Ensuring that all districts . But how is Fatih Istanbul's historic center is the center of Ankara's historic identity Altindag . I hope restoration work continues at the same pace and work around the Hacı Bayram Veli , Ottoman, Seljuk architectural work of our experience and our history that extends to parliamentary republic and the birthplace of our nation containers revealing studies . We'd like , everyone came to Tarsus in Turkey Seljuk , Ottoman , you see the traces of the line anywhere in the Republic of Turkey . Altındağ is healing ; It is tangible and healing , as well as spiritual healing . Because here Hacı Bayram Veli , Tacettin the dervish is here. \"

Prime Minister Davutoglu attended the AK Party Congress Altındağ" comments for.


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