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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 01:00

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Aydin Future

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Aydin Future
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AK Party Deputy Chairman Cuneyt City Bayraktar, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's 81 provinces to participate in the congress is expected to come under a plan Aydin said.

Aydın news: AK Party Deputy Chairman Aydin Province
Cuneyt Bayraktar, the AK Party Congress 5.Olag about the process of the assessment found . Building in the province held a meeting party leaders , women's branches , the youth wing members and joined the party .
Aydin AK Party Provincial Vice-President Cuneyt Bayraktar, which will be held AK Party 5th Ordinary Congress calendar in line with the provincial and district conventions all of 22 February 2005 would end up stating, \"Congress of our process first and most important step neighborhoods elections of delegates . delegates elections, intra-party democracy, the cornerstone of . that elections of delegates for the neighborhood registered to all our members with the crate placed to do . delegates elections, our party and our society embrace all sections a fair understanding with our statute and regulations for our specified criteria and guidelines taking into consideration will be carried out . province with our County our delegate elections all locations in our October 19th day the same day and time to be done. Thus, intra-party democracy and selection with our integration of the most important basic Mahal us will be thrown . then congress calendar in accordance with the first November-31 December, County of Congress and 22 November 2014-22 February 2015 period between the Congress will be held in the City . 3 months as long as the cause of the spread of the Congress president and prime minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, the first general congress did not want to participate in our \"he said.


Prime Minister Davutoglu, Aydin Future" comments for.


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