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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:57

Prime Minister Davutoglu in Kahramanmaras

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Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said Turkey could put the chaos around the country saying clamp and vortex, \"We are committed to this issue,\"he said.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, saying it could put Turkey around the country to chaos clamp and vortex, \"We are committed to this issue,\"he said. Photo Davutoglu, the breakfast was met with non-governmental organizations , the assessment found on the agenda. A sergeant and two soldiers of the Turkish Armed beginners Prime Minister Davutoglu wishing condolences to the Bathtub and their families who were killed in Yüksekova'nın his speech , \"The whole nation's head get it right. He will protect eternity to entrust our hero inside the martyrdom syrup ,\"he said .
Prime Minister Davutoglu, the history of Kahramanmaras name , independence love with , he said written history by his own people . stated that they would understand the most Kahramanraşlı happening in Photo Syria , Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"understands best Kahramanmaraşlı are happening in Aleppo , how to integrate the fate of a nation, a city. Today Syria from experienced ones best Kahramanmaraşlı moments . Aleppo , Homs , Hama's how resist . what that means to resist a city moments Kahramanmaraşlı in . Everyone should know this, city by city , neighborhood neighborhood we've made ​​an oath to protect the end of this country, and have been wrong . again Kahramanmaraşlı moments for her , on the pretext Kopani events, the burning cities, the usurper , still understands how Kahramanmaraşlı and is in a great betrayal of the spirit of trying to kill the city . I would like to thank all Kahramanmaraşlı for Syrian brothers and sisters open arms , \"he said .
Prime Minister Davutoglu CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu East , Asia and Europe also commented that be viewed with concern the events in Turkey , criticizing \"Of course eastbound and westbound , because never been to Asia and Europe, there do not know what thought about Turkey. Myanmar , Arakan is increasingly embracing the old one eye , look into their eyes to ,'he eyes light Our only hope Turkey'he will see the eyes. Oh a go at the head of an orphan okşas to Somalia , and to see if there tents gun Look into the eyes of Somalia'to love like Somalia if a Kahramanmaraşlı depends on Turkey. Turkey had never seen the great affection which nourishes the heart. But I do not know . This nation, which are far from Kahramanmaras independence consciousness , with no spiritual depth in every corner of this country, this nation does not know how it is perceived from the outside. Gaza a go and gorse that almost every shop , a Turkish flag hanging in the window of each house. When I went, I know how they are connected to a fondly . Here Kahramanmaraşlı will understand it. These seven beautiful man embrace the issuing Kahramanmaraşlı , very good moments to Turkey in the Palestinian psyche. Understand even if they do not. Because they also have hearts for eyes can see far . But as it was closed some hearts eyes, the body can not see beyond the horizon they can see even the eyes , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu, 2 years Recalling the previous visit Gaza , \"I want to remind you one more picture. When we came out from Gaza, a community hospital with the Turkish flag was waiting in front of us . Israel was still going through the air above . They embraced and hugged , then they revealed how they have adopted the flag in its entirety . On the one hand'income from an attack , \"he fro while looking around , I kept my hand on the other side. I will never forget these words he said to me:'I've been Arakan him a short time ago. We saw you in Arakan . What happens to leave them alone , leave them alone as you leave Gaza alone, \"he said. Pointing
Prime Minister Davutoglu of Turkey in the last 12 years a great distance greater , \"the IMF door in where the long negotiations for very small amounts Turkey Turkey was built by a close a file in its entirety from the IMF in May last year . The immediate vicinity of Istanbul, in an earthquake in Adapazari , the country's Prime Minister , earthquake scene from one Turkey can not go a few days , Van therefrom 1 year ago make 17 thousand 894 housing for at least 1 year when the earthquake in Van reconstruction who came to power in Turkey. 12 years ago , our foreign debt and efforts to \"Where can I find a few million dollars'in the world today who said the maximum assistance from Turkey and by achieving the highest rate of foreign aid came one first Turkey. He did not come from a cure for Turkey, Nuri Pakdil'in adept , and further improves the expression , referring to Baghdad to Tripoli , Somalia , Myanmar , Haiti , the Philippines , immediately contact a Turkey in any disaster arrived. Turkey has come a mighty and merciful . Embarrassed and in need of Turkey, the main secret of our coming meeting with the state of our nation is merciful and mighty Turkey . Deep nation , to build their own state philosophy is the name of the AK Party movement. For him, there is one aspect that appeals to our souls every one of our city , \"he said . Stressing that give instructions to the relevant departments to punish the perpetrators of the incident after the 3 soldiers killed in Photo Hakkari , Davutoglu said:Photo \"Kopani events after we put on our table to open the resulting net asset class. First requirement of public order. Wearing a mask , we will take decisive measures in relation to those at Molotov . The solution process is national unity and step. This does not constitute a ground for public disorder . We will continue the process of resolution does not mean just saying we resolutely addressed to organizations connected with the terrorist organization. We will create a new awareness of belonging . Yesterday I realized after the martyrdom emphasizes our determination ; one can see the same footing with the legitimate security forces of the state terrorists .'Look terrorists killed 3 in facing terrorist operations , \"he is not able to accept the logic of retaliation . If the task of the terrorists to act if the security guards to stop them no matter what the circumstances. If you are in attack planning, if you want to disrupt the peace of the country will get the answers they deserve . Chief of Staff , Minister of Interior and I met several times with the Hakkari Governor and I gave the same instructions . Who performs the treacherous actions will be monitored and will find any work to be done and deserves punishment for it. Turkey is one of the chaos surrounding states clamp , can not put the vortex , commissioning will not dare . We will provide inner peace, we will guarantee the public order , the solution process will continue with determination . \"The Prime Minister Davutoglu, stating that it is the symbol of the tree Photo State , \"Our Our song tells us of poplar . Our poetry is essential to our tree . There is in our nature to love our soul . Because we're talking yellow flowers such as Yunus Emre .'I asked the yellow flower'saying . We spoke with the nature. I would not have proceeded eastward in the sky when I went all right without greeting Erciyes . We greet each on the west by a stone Uludag Ilgaz we went we went towards the north of the country as we spiritually. But by tree excuse they want to stop Turkey's 12-year success story of sightseeing events. What they want to stop , in fact it was not the AK Party government , what they want to stop Independence seed was sown in Kahramanmaras. It was planted in honor and dignity struggle in Kahramanmaras. They wanted to stop but could not , on the contrary , Mr. Prime Minister then announced on September 30 a new democratization package. The steps also deeply than the state with the democratization package meeting was thrown , \"he said . A section of the headscarf issue also addressed the Prime Minister Davutoglu experienced in Turkey Photo speech, \"Dairy Imam knows Kahramanmaras once again boast a couple of after September 30 a fourth woman also found in our brothers and sisters of Marash , the dream came to Parliament and Erdem Beyazıt Sevda Hanım was held in dignity with headscarves . Burning torch of the liberation of the city, with the torch of the liberation of the city of Kahramanmaras for a paving the way for the liberation of the nation , they saw that it hit last year re-mark on Turkish politics. Ms. Sevda no one who does not know his limits and other siblings , all brothers uncovered head covered'out, out , \"he could not keep pace. Because there were no longer national will in Ankara. Dictatorial and , the coup will not and did not have guardianship . Feb. 28 and the dictatorial putsch period of tutelage , their instruments of which it holds politicians'out, out'tempo, no one has lost its meaning can not hold out any longer and he is a tempo to a child of this country . What public offices, nor from secondary school , what the university , nor to a person other areas of the Parliament's grandson Imam dairy outfit so'out'he can not keep pace. Him they were uncomfortable , \"he said .
Prime Minister Davutoglu, pointing also to the post 17 ​​and 25 December , \"the saint of our nation on 30 March ,'No, it's more he will return to the days of guardianship , \"he called out in a stentorian voice from anywhere. One of these voices came from the Kahramanmaras . God bless you , \"he said .

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