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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:18

Prime Minister Davutoglu in Nevsehir (2)

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"We each month of Muharram, commemorating Prophet Hazrat Ali Hussein so before it is spoken Alevi Alevism should say our brothers stopped \"using the Dersim is a modern expression of Karbala , he said.

Nevşehir news: Photo Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"We're on a Huseyni . When we see the Oppressed does not enter sleep our eyes without pressing it in our bosom . He is Allah, if it is likely to deviate from the escrow Basin us sep forbidden to live in that moment. That's respect Licence for us. We come with us this value human stems from our being.comes from our adoption partners tradition. If we for a moment deviate from this common tradition in our woe , our wild swings. We each month of Muharram in Hazrat Hussein such commemorating Hazrat Ali before it is Alevism spoken Flame got to say is our brother. Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Hussein from memorial will have damaged the confession and that they come with Alevism. Hacıbektaş Parents Khorasan sooner AnlArIndAndIr . is walking in Khorasan dervishes a spirit of history. 2 years ago I went to çilehane I had before Ahmet Yesevi and I meditated . there will arrive with awe. relics where you were on you earned reverence that the authorities . I thought, how could a spiritual walk , they gave the same message in each place they go . Khorasan tradition of a tradition in Anatolia itself , paved the formation of culture . 13. I can not understand Century Ottoman and Republic of understanding . Muslim-Christian, Sunni Alevi everyone without distinction shared culture is a time in which he lived . We owe them a lot. Whatever the sooner we can not meşrep airports Khorasan without yadda. My father used to say Sani Ahmed-i me . Ahmet Yesevi the name of the people in Anatolia learned that Ahmed-i Sani you like him he learned that they put this name. Our issue is to go with all this tradition. If it happened to settle conflicts radically with all the pain, all citizens are equal factors in the way of building a country that we need to work shoulder to shoulder . We have come to fall in love , we were in love with all of these traditions. God bestowed on everyone that you love. Who Alevi Bektashi tradition of Hazrat Ali rises from the separation , it is the biggest weaknesses in the moment here . Are obliged to carry this way to understand this wisdom in a way that the 21st century . Hacıbektaş-i Veli in the 21st century needs a lot . Hand gun with a pass of vandalism somewhere is trying to dominate another , his brother on the ground tried to brother , pitting , ranks with Isidor want ASSAD model whether in the murders of religion name in front of all Hazrat Hussein big case. Thus it turns out that we vow to be the way of the oppressed. All these traditions us. We take inspiration from all of them. We know that the great suffering while these days the common denominator that now or continue this way, \"he said .
\"I say that as you are a guest , We are followers of a well-established tradition , as well as a modern state based on modern universal human rights insanlarıyız \"said Obama, he continued as follows:Photo \"and serves as one type of society to build modernization slowly began to destroy this pluralism. One medic approaches have tried to separate us from each other with some ethnic basis discriminatory policies of our citizens . False applications, as if these applications brought by one tipçilik do as we have done as we have done the opposite side of destruction involved parties are wrong. Turkish Kurds racism racism racism wrong though , even if it is wrong . Dersim incident , the state's Dersim apology from the Prime Minister in 15 years due to all these folks . No one had to tell anyone in the history of the Republic mistakes of that era . I know what they told us how even academics fear that period . Now is the time sincerity and openness. Now at that time the only party representatives should apologize . He was a modern day Karbala . If damaged, a single feather of a single authority for our lives each and every position is empty. Mahsa was alive at that time fell in love with a poem he would answer to Prime Minister apologized . All Alevi our friends in the dervish that they be voluntary passengers. \"

Prime Minister Davutoglu in Nevsehir (2)" comments for.


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