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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 21:43

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Myths Undersecretary Receives Briefing on

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with Imrali after recalling the events of HDPE committee on 6-7 October , \"When the answer to the question should be left arms ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT ) press conference held after the briefing by the Undersecretariat . Obama, in his speech , intelligence , like all institutions that also needs to be renewed and attract attention in recent years carried out a significant breakthrough in this regard , \"That is the state of the corresponding actor cases had involved the present risk of terrorism occurring after the weakening of the state structure , extremist groups and the ethnic and sectarian fed from instability spread to a very different fields, including radical elements . analysis threat intelligence and the need to change the intelligence restructuring of the measures will take against these threats . Technological intelligence , cyber security in the context of intelligence and other areas of intelligence structures , including a rising power in Turkey'corresponds to the needs of our structural , functional offering support to all reform intelligence is the most valuable tool in the 21st century. how much you have as much information , how this information varied and decision makers if has spread to different areas so take the right decisions, so the picture they see right \"he said.
political risks of the decisions taken in environments that lack of intelligence explaining that brought Obama, \"brings military security risks. Then we will address the new conjuncture we need to go to a structural change in the figure. Recently, these changes largely occurred . Both the terrorist threat in the face of coordinating the internal and external intelligence , both foreign intelligence context next to the minimization of facing risks Turkey in terms of meeting the needs of information which constitutes a serious source of Turkey's many important initiatives we are entering a new era , \"he said .
< strong> Israeli soldiers Aqsa Mosque OR HIS BASKIN Photo Description after answering journalists'questions Davutoglu, a journalist,'Israeli soldiers Masjid raid had been done to the Aqsa'on the question, \"this is also a full barbarism without feeling even need an evaluation. The world's sacred places anywhere , let alone Aqsa Mosque , like all Muslims first holy in terms of all religions beside of the nature of the Qibla and humanity's most sacred except made ​​to one of the venues these attacks , arrogance is an attitude that should be seen contrasts in the most severe way . As Turkey has always stood by our brothers the Palestinians in the Palestinian cause . Always the case of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque in the case of the fundamental principles of Turkey's Middle East policy , we emphasize that one of the principles. Jerusalem should be a city of peace because of this attitude of the Israeli conflict , oppression, has become a city where the exhibition of barbarism. The whole world Aqsa Mosque , the Muslims. All humanity Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and I call out with . Jerusalem transformed into a single religion dominated area, if taken under other holy places on foot with such barbaric attitude to ensure peace in the Middle East , would not be able to establish \"gave money .
And performs such an event by finding opportunities from developments in Israel's region here , indicating that a serious opportunism Davutoglu, \"There's a serious opportunism. Attention to Syria , not to events in Aleppo in Syria, just at a time when translated into Kobani'yi and everyone so at a time when directed his Israel due to the disintegration of the attention that came to continue in Jerusalem assimilation and a new policy to change the identity of Jerusalem is a step , \"he said. Stating that they condemned Photo Israel's stance strongly Davutoglu, taking the initiative to undertake all appropriate international also said they would make the necessary efforts to provide the most active response of the international community against this attitude of Israel.
\"HDPE , tHE GOVERNMENT OF cONTINUOUS homework REMOVE to get up \"Photo from another journalist ,\"State of sight does after Ocalan 6-7 October took \"Davutoglu to the question , \"HDPE recently constant attention with his statement that distributes exhibit an attitude . HDPE government to get up to remove a constant homework , get their homework done . We are determined to take every step necessary for the solution process, but with continuous events , visits, will make them a hand with commuting , they try to make a move on the one hand, contrary to the resolution process . Under the settlement process the image would be detrimental to public order and then re-evaluate . (HDP delegation-Imralı ) discussed after 6-7 of October. When responding to the question should be left arms . All this process every step of openly thrown in but we want to see a stable and consistent attitude. We are ready to take on every step , but we also expect a positive man, \"he replied.
Prime Minister Davutoglu, after a speech he gave MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan appreciation .

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Myths Undersecretary Receives Briefing on" comments for.


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