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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:22

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Receives Briefing from the Central Bank

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"No one should expect us to populism, but it's also in a dynamic way as navigating economic political conjuncture should expect in a static manner .

Ankara news: Reflex a crisis on our strength is that there is a unity between establishing permanent economic structure after the given reflex , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, post press briefing by the Central Bank conference. Davutoglu, the government established the following separately from all ministries separate stating that continue to receive briefings \"So you already know there are advanced practices , Central Bank Governor twice a year and provides briefings to the Council of Ministers . More closely in global markets beyond that, in the context of our meeting today to consult directly with developments in international economic policy has been very productive . The transformation of the global system is to cut both political and economic consequences . The structure of the world economy is changing at renewing itself . These structural changes in the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis rocked the extremely dynamic international economic environment we are in . Closely monitor the economic environment , reflexes in the economic environment , institutional and psychological problems, see approaches in mechanisms to monitor and political issues is rational qua qua non of economic policy. We're going to Australia next week for the G-20 , will assume the presidency period . Turkey is no longer responsive to the economic crisis and support only internal hoped particular the IMF is not a country from international markets who are satisfied with it. With the Central Bank in this regard shall be strong in consultation with partners and similar approaches and analyze important to sustain this success . Turkey is not only an important country with domestic economic success \"Photo Turkey is an island of stability in economic growth in a rational manner realized was that a country striking Davutoglu, said:\"Turkey , as it is assumed the presidency of the G-20 period , global and to play a leading role in the economic political structure, the most in the presidency next year will be remembered for many years as a country that will host the perspective of a rational understanding of the global economy with sustainable justice in the least developed countries and developed countries . I specifically asked to be ahead of the G-20 summit this presentation. Tomorrow I will share with the public the highly structural reform agenda. Between economic development and political stability in a country , the performance has a direct relationship. When you look at the countries that are experiencing a lot of economic crisis , lack of political stability is one of the important reasons of this crisis. We can sort the examples from Europe and even large countries. Economic performance of the impossibility of maintaining political stability in the country falling var.türki passed all these tests with great success . We are on the verge of a new era that inspires trust and confidence in the global financial markets and our society. We need to look ahead and plan that we are going through a period in the most rational manner over the next 9 years. Between institutions and economic policies are vital integration and our first priority is the policy of financial , agriculture, health policy, corporate sector and industrial policy R \u0026 D policies of all Reflecting their overall performance of a country , mutually understandable if the support nature . \"Photo \" economies iS nOT Premature baby \"Photo \"The country's economy is not in an incubator is in global economic policy , \"said Obama,\"something that we feel needs, holistic , integrated economic vision complementary support each other. This is a vision in Turkey , so we could overcome the crisis, \"he said . Explaining that not sufficient alone Davutoglu overcome the crisis , he continued as follows:\"Such gotta perform original and creative policies with other countries'developed countries''s the difference between decreases are in Turkey all this from crisis Abilene producing a performance positive energy. There are two main issues we need to do within the political system to be one of the existing economic environment that relies on its own people. The effectiveness of decisions taken by the Central Bank showed the performance of each individual ministry on the other hand , satisfaction with general employment area of the country with the opening of all people are valuable in this context. We explained in terms of the Medium Term Programme to produce a vision that we are trying to show that Turkey supports this short-term , the figures were encouraging figures about the financial budget discipline. Our government is not a populist approach , not now. Populism does not remove people's confidence in winning the next election . No one should expect us to populism, but it's also in a dynamic way as navigating economic political conjuncture should expect in a static manner . Reflex a crisis on our strength is that there is a unity between establishing permanent economic structure after gave reflex. \"
Meeting, Prime Minister Davutoğlu as Governor Erdem bassist as the Central Bank, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and joined the Central Bank of bureaucrats .

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Receives Briefing from the Central Bank" comments for.


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