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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:20

Prime Minister Davutoğlu's victim was cut in Kilis

Prime Minister Davutoğlu's victim was cut in Kilis
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Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag Justice Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and by proxy the victims were cut in Kilis .

Kilis news:
Prime Minister Davutoğlu's substitutionary sacrifice , Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag , again by proxy for the family's fourth victim Yasinoğlul Meat Combined abattoir in Kilis province on the Religious Foundation under the supervision of Mufti Mahmud Karatepe was cut through . Karatepe Mufti Mahmud , acting on behalf of the Prime Minister Davutoğlu and Minister Bozdağ'a Sevim Yilmaz gave the Box . Then takbirs the victims were cut .
Mufti Mahmud Karatepe, feast of the sacrifice of the Church and the entire Islamic world , no to the occasion wish to be stating that, \"80 thousand , with a population in the city center just as many Syrians are available. Inside has owned the poor the poor are hungry and not lay humanity by example exhibiting our citizens , so no day and feast on the day falling on them are doing . Turkey Religious Foundation of our people wide favor with the proxy to predict the desired animals thousand 337 units in our province cut our domestic poor and our Syrian our guests to be distributed in our province we fix . 58th district in our Kilisli citizens and Syrians and container town to those who will be distributed. Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu and Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag and family victims of proxy to be cut Kilis has been sent. proudly Prime Minister and Minister of Justice to express our gratitude , \"he said .

Prime Minister Davutoğlu's victim was cut in Kilis" comments for.


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