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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:14

Prime Minister Erdogan in Tokat (1)

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Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called slap to the citizens of the Republic Square .

Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called slap to the citizens of the Republic Square .
Prime Minister Erdogan, in his speech , \"Tokat come and slap the martyrs of Tokat heroes hearts of people commemorating will not . slap us always supported . always gave power . June 12, 2011 elections, 56 percent of the votes, with the rate of Tokat us first batch did. 30 March, befitting his left. Fund literally exploded . Percent 52 percent of the AK Party candidate our mayor vehicles . had promise . Hopefully the post-election future I said. Now the presidential election at this thank you also did a combination would have. these movements have out for each of you our gratitude . Now a new milan in're preparing . Nations came for . nation, our great services we have given . Nations service towards another stage passing. believe the slap on our side will be . Aug. 10 , ready to slap ? new Turkey ready are ? Big Turkey are we ready ? Repub's president chooses we? on the ballot paper in the nation candidates prefer we? slap this job is finished. national will , national power , target in 2023 ... in 2001, the AK Party, we with you have established . With your support in Turkey for 12 years, we've grown . With our country and our flag got to run around both domestically as well as abroad . There was a Turkey that trades on the streets . Tradesmen siftahsız was closing the shutters . Turkey's debt was begging at the door of the IMF . Farmers , artisans , civil servants under debt , foreclosures were crushed beneath . Turkey could not see the front and the horizon . Came up with the November 3 elections . We provide confidence and stability to the country . Turkey have grown by an annual average of 5 percent . This DSP, MHP, CHP They found something on the side , a candidate wove together . Buy one shot to the next. There is no difference from each other . MHP management of the Central Bank have received 27.5 billion dollars . Now 137 billion. We have reset our debt to the IMF . Our debt to GDP ratios and 73 percent of that time . Now dropped to 35 percent . Where 73 percent , where 35 percent ? Turkey now has a firm footing on their feet . We will value and appreciate it , \"he said .
\"Presidential authority only when there came there to manage this country is not governed like Monsieur , \"said Erdogan,\"We sufferer dertliyim . We have our love . We just like Ferhat | Facebook . Fell in love with Shirin Farhad was pierced through the mountains . | Facebook we Smurfs . His piercing the mountains , tunnels come open . Teens at your age you do not remember those days 12 years ago, maybe ... how I had in Turkey . You might not remember , but the old ones in Turkey today, you will not even prohibits had imagined . Get a headscarf to school with your brothers did . Do you know ? Our brothers and sisters who wear the headscarf headscarves were forced to withdraw from the beginning by the police at the gate of our schools . Their name Aisha, Fatma , Hatice was . They had come from somewhere in order . These extracts were strange in the dorm . I am married with two daughters . My daughter drew this ordeal . I sent her abroad for . Do you think America can be read with a headscarf but did not read in my country . There is a shortage of CHP and MHP . There is no freedom of their faith . We Have patience and be patient too . Our daughter is now entering Does wearing headscarves in universities ? Does it work as wearing headscarves in public ? We did not come to this place without rhyme or reason . Perseverance, carefully , patiently came . Newspapers , televisions were forbidden to say that you want what you want . But currently anamuhalef and puppies are looking at the opposition . Prime Minister're cursing every day . Be polite to the candidates you say , the other side left us . We like the Prime Minister said in a channel strain . 40 years have passed our life in politics . Who what where we know how to do it . A word from our mouths that we're taking in consultation . We were always the first batch of 8 election . There are examples of this in the history of the CHP . You've set the AK Party and the vehicle can still continues . AK Party, the party of the nation , not of sovereign powers . Now you are conducting \"he said .

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