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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:57

Prime Minister Erdogan in Tokat (2)

Prime Minister Erdogan in Tokat (2)
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Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan , \"Now one of the candidates on the issue of Palestine'Turkey must remain neutral ,'he says .

Tokat news: Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan , \"Now the candidates one Palestinian issue,'Turkey must remain neutral ,'he says . Israeli bombs yelling , defenseless people are dying. Still'Palestinian issue will be unbiased ,'he says . Here his place in the logic was what . We knows the business of the girded the sword of the call , \"he said.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called slap to the citizens of the Republic Square . Erdogan, \"People in their native language speech was forbidden. So go out and freely I Alevi , Sunnis say I was forbidden. Those old in Turkey all the bans we have removed . You today Alevi easily I Alevi If he says it the truth behind us. Democracy standards we have raised . Belief , values, culture, the barriers we've removed . longer such a Turkey no . neighbors and the region against developments in the world against the silent and insensitive I had in Turkey . Now the candidates one Palestinian issue,'Turkey must remain neutral ,'he says . Israeli bombs yelling , defenseless people are dying . still'Palestinian issue will be unbiased ,'he says . Here his place in the logic was what . we knows the business of the sword girded the call. this way that we went , so we're going. Turkey's moon-star flag pride proud've added . world oppressed the sound we have . Somalia'We are in the hope of the poor . we Tokatlı sons of Gazi Osman Paşa . us in our history has such a great hero . This nation is not a nation to be withdrawn . Persecution in neighboring nation is not going to keep quiet . O CHP , you go with your candidates sit next to Assad . We would not be cruel hand in hand with . He also talked with people we . There was this time in the middle . But now it's all over the persecution began . History will ask us to account for that . Throughout history, right , justice , peace, stood beside the oppressed and victims . New hope in the future of Turkey as well as on the right will continue to stand by . Conjuncture us , they say, they say strategy . Coming from Gaza child deaths each day . If you're sunk conjuncture . If fratricidal killing in Iraq every day, you sank your strategy . Big government is supposed to be boldly will do it all the time anyway . Turkey 12 years with the reforms entered a new way . But it does not stop on the way , keep it moving. Turkey broke the chains . Turkey was liberated from the shackles . Turkey can no longer doomed to no one less . No one can not draw the direction of Turkey . One can not dictate the agenda in Turkey , \"he said .
, Erdogan continued as follows:
\"in 1945, World War 2 ended . Germany and Japan were destroyed. From 1945 began to work and tried to rebuild their country . They are upgrading their country Turkey did what? At that time, the only party CHP administration was trying to call to prayer and the Koran . CHP mosque was dealing with . Only 33 mosques were destroyed in Tokat . Public votes classified secret said. Germany, Japan, is reborn from the ashes , the CHP mentality in Turkey thump and slop and ugliness are doing any kind of insider . Mentality has never changed , they never gave up their habits . CHP mentality that grew Turkey Turkey to stop work , shrink and are doing everything to slow down . This slap in the CHP and the MHP 30 to 35 percent of the vote there . CHP chairman of the few times this has come to slap ? So how many times has a garden ? They are busy with than us ? They have a lot of work than us ? To produce in Ankara lies , blasphemy, why slap It does this stop ? Why not concerned with the problems of slap ? They are not in the horizon . They do not have the vision . This CHP, MHP and hdp'Turkey's reputation as no intention to fold . HDPE political Kurdism , political Turkism MHP , CHP says are the party of the beach . So we are the party of 77 million . NEW Creation from God because we love it. Its always a first for us as a party in the election of our nation had 8 . I'm telling you , I'm sides . I tarafıy Milletimizn . Some have difficulty understanding this strange . They say, discrimination began immediately . Here are pathetic enough to understand that statement . They are like-minded folks , if you ask them . We in this country of 77 million over 12 years without distinction to all we serve. They are very important. Slap in the other 80 provinces CHP, MHP and have to vote for hdp'y uneasy . CHP went to the bottom of the index fell Pennsylvania . Still trying to handle a job there . MHP like they have their own will and policies are moving in the shadow of the CHP . When it comes to things we say party which was founded by Ataturk . When it comes to things we do not party in 91 years . For God's sake presidential candidate could not find one of them . MHP also fulfilled orders given to him . Candidates from within the beat . Remove one self-contained community of idealistic presidential candidate, did not she? I appeal to our brothers who love to MHP , Erdogan your presidential candidate of the entire nation . Service while never go with this , in 12 years he going with this is there such a thing ? Tokat 8 quadrillion have served 12 years . Pennsylvania became apparent the stains taken to adhere to the CHP and the MHP . Pennsylvania's more dirt to be poured out . This Pennsylvania have received your children from school , right? Do not send your children to their classrooms . State schools is enough for us . Every Saturday-Sunday course will give our puppies for free . For him, do not give them your money . They took our money as well as betrayed . I hope this game now 2014-2015 academic year are disturbing . These publications , newspapers closer to the door of the . Their sister come again . Do You Need teach ? Our ablalara with our're walking . \"
\"These candidates nor politics nor the nation not have a problem , \"said Erdogan, said:
\"We are the country's 81 provinces where what well know . A mandoes not know his father's hometown ? Do not stop once you get there ? When Yozgat and our candidates are going to ask our Minister of Justice . My hometown Rize. I'm not one to go without passing year . Bur we grew up in the mud . It've grown . We never disgust and then the road will continue in the same way . We are not to be master of you , a servant is to come. CHP , MHP and hdp'l my brother on August 10 gave them a powerful lesson . 12 years ago, we dreamed of a greater Turkey . Today we are very close to this dream . Presidential elections will no longer be posting new Turkey . Turkey with a president elected by the people to get up and slap the king . Over the years, people do not understand , do not know , you can not choose , they said. People like honey understands and knows everything . If people elect to choose the best . You will elect a president on August 10 only . 100 percent of the state on August 10 will be the owner . Acting , not originals to talk . Your votes will embrace the state and the nation . I hope the government and the president elected by the people of Turkey will fly to a much larger target . Turkey on August 10 and for folks who have dreams for our nation , will be appointed president of one of the nation through . Our love and passion that we have in our nation . \"

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