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  • 31 Ekim 2012, Çarşamba 19:36

Prime Minister Erdoğan:Ajandamızda, do not differentiate between identity and territory

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the agendas of identity and regional differences.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the agendas of identity and regional differences. Horizon, and only the Great Turkey, Erdogan stressed that,"Our ideal is the ideal of the nation's largest and only. Saint nation, it çabalayanla to improve your country, the country that wants to trip, to abat isteyenle this nation, this nation that wants to persecute each other easily ferasettedir to distinguish."he said.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the television broadcast 'address to nation' as a state of the nation speech to claim escrow, said that the economy will continue to expand the basis of trust and stability. Erdogan, in the same way, education, health, justice, safe, transportation, public housing, investments in energy, agriculture, stressed that their investments will continue with determination.

various regions of Turkey this month, several march of civilization from their investments, that have provided significant contributions to development, Erdogan told again Transformation Project.

35 provinces, 75 different

at the point, 3 thousand 169 by initiating the destruction of the building, they took the first step in this process Stating that,"I would like to emphasize, this project started in Turkey by far the most major reconstruction movement. And I started to priority public buildings. Meanwhile, we met, we agreed citizens began to demolish the buildings. government, the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration hand, the history of the Republic's largest urban regeneration initiated a move, I had very positive results, we continue to receive. 10th 560 thousand a year to build a house of which we were able to deliver 438 thousand dwelling owners. no region without discrimination, in 81 provinces that have implemented successful mobilization of housing, provided that all citizens benefit from it. different parts of the world we read through these projects, then you see; ' Do not make them wonder in our country? ' I've been able to offer. across the country, planned and resistant to natural disasters, we have demonstrated a role model in the production of housing. now took another step forward for our country. human life, the environment, green, our commitment to urbanism, earthquake, disaster risk taking against As a reflection of the measures, the previously constructed unhealthy, unsafe started our journey to make millions building rebuilt. course, I'm telling you in advance, what happens when the support of our nation, bless us. State-of-the folks let us hand in hand, this construction in the nation's most beautiful happen without the victim and the win both our people and our country it becomes a much more modern appearance."he said.

" cities WILL BE SAFE"& lt; br/>


ılında puddles and Duzce earthquakes that occurred in 2011 with these measures in the Van earthquake, they must, at whatever cost, must be implemented Erdogan said showed, for that they had last May noted that the Law on Disaster Risk Areas Under Transformation.

aim to change this law emphasizes a multi-faceted, Prime Minister Erdogan said:"The new structures are to do, first of all areas of life in a new, environmentally-friendly, energy efficiency, based on the green-conscious , in a manner that protects the natural resources to be built.completion of the project will have a sigh of our people, our cities will be safe, will be at peace. Stage stages of this process, which will continue, I hope you will complete successfully. Thus, for decades, have long been said that unplanned urbanization will stop, our country, our cities, our people a heavy burden, a serious threat, we will be saved. 7 October, again in Istanbul. Atakoy advanced biological treatment plant and the opening of the realized projects of environmental protection. facility in question, Turkey's largest energy and solid advanced biological wastewater treatment plant capable of producing fuel. Bakırköy, Bahçelievler and Bağcılar'ın all; Basaksehir, Küçükçekmece and a portion of Sultangazi districts where waste water is purified., and phase by phase the service that we received from the start in 2009, this resort is running at full capacity of 600 thousand cubic meters per day purifying waste water, will produce a population of 2.5 million. I especially would like to express my brothers; Ataköy Advanced Biological Treatment Plant, only a portion of the area of ​​environmental protection projects, a foot. On the same day we receive the service Ataköy Environmental Protection Project and other efforts, investments, supporting an important project with investment cost of 650 million dollars. İstanbul, prior to 1994, the wastewater treatment rate of 9 per cent, to 97 per cent this year, was removed.coming year by commissioning 30 new treatment plant to a total of 71 the number of treatment plants raising. Thus, 100 percent of waste water treatment in Istanbul will have reached our goal."

Prime Minister Erdogan, the Golden Horn project, it is constantly replenished, havalandırıldığını said, so residents of Istanbul, Turkey which is a very important value of the Golden Horn, again brought into an area that is priceless.


1 year after the Marmara earthquake, let alone permanent residences in the middle than the containers did not even fighting for the people still living in tents."Erdogan, the first anniversary of the earthquake in Van, finished the day as they delivered as promised reminded me of all the houses.

" Nations did not come EFENDİ, H İZMETKÂRIYIZ"

"Our job is to produce services

. We're not here to be a master of our nation, we hizmetkârıyız our nation."he said,"I always say, we do not do politics of identity. politics, we are making service. All of these works, these investments were running rapidly towards our goals in 2023, The development of our country, our people restore prosperity, civilization, race, country struggles on how to remove the top positions of a didindiğimizin indicator. Our ajandamızda, identity, distinction, no regional differences. ufkumuzda and only if we have a great Turkey. Our ideal is the ideal of the nation's largest and only. Saint nation, it çabalayanla to improve your country, the country that wants to trip and this nation abat isteyenle to this nation, to those who persecute ferasettedir be able to easily distinguish. Dear brothers and sisters, I draw underline especially Turkey, in the coming period as a whole, as a tightly knit, grow, will continue to advance rapidly towards their goals. I cherished you with these thoughts of a nation Once again, the heart of the feelings, love, honor. Thank you. Be There. Thick good life. Allah be safe."he said.

Prime Minister Erdoğan:Ajandamızda, do not differentiate between identity and territory" comments for.


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