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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:15

Prime Minister Kestel Craftsman Support Site

Prime Minister Kestel Craftsman Support Site
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The artisans and craftsmen for the transport of the modern industrial site located in the city of primitive business başlattıl Kestel Large Industrial Site in the second stage of the tender in Bursa Çataltepe made ​​on January 15th.

Bursa news: Photo BESOB delegation in Ankara last week met with TOKI President M. Erkan Turan . Last Friday with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu TOKI President from Bursa Turan, made ​​observations with BESOB delegation Kestel Large Industrial Site. Davutoglu's order of the second stage of the tender was announced to be held on January 15th. Photo BESOB President Arif Tak, \"So far, 11 stage was dedicated project in only one place in the 125 shop tender . Were taken by the Foundation of Our Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc . Construction finished , the rules drawn, were handed over to their owners. However, so far extends the process to delay bidding on other stages . this will adversely affect the artisans and craftsmen of our morale and motivation . We survive our trades , we are doing our best to contribute to the unity and power by creating a national economy. this process healthy and fastest we strive to be finalized in the figure. the number of greatest strength , our prime minister , we take our number of governors and our government. pay our merchants and craftsmen and over the nationalization of our project thanks to our use of 8 million pounds loan. What we have infrastructure and 10 stage of the project tender . can move faster our project and the blocking of our tradesmen due to the time loss we want to remove the fallen morale , \"he said . much themselves Photo 7 November Friday Bursa visiting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and TOKI President M. Ergun accelerate the Turan project and instructions on tendering on January 15, 2015 stating that satisfied Tak, \"We wanted to announce that our craftsmen and artisans ,\"he said . Plug
providing information about the project, \"a total workplace 1 million 255 thousand square meters of manufacturing area of ​​the project . A total of 2 thousand 990 workplace to do. The cost of the project is 500 million pounds . The number of members of the contracted 2 thousand 491 , and 961 members of the contracts made money collected so far 32 million 9 thousand 667 pounds. The loan amount used 8 million 608 thousand pounds. BESOB supply 4 million 586 thousand pounds. Amount paid to plans and projects found 3 million 674 thousand pounds . BESOB payment of 48 million 879 thousand pounds of expropriation , nationalization TOKI support 13 million 750 thousand pounds. Total cost of expropriation is 62 million 629 thousand pounds. 2 million 822 thousand 481 square meters area expropriated . Currently the work place number 125 . 1st stage tender price was 17 million 800 thousand pounds. So far found a total expenditure of 80 million 429 thousand pounds , \"he said .

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