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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 03:53

Prime Minister of the'Combating Drugs'Circular

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu,'Combating Drugs \"was released on Circular .

Ankara news: Photo Official Journal of the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, the circular issued by the undersigned , took place the following statements:Photo \"Drug use, community and individual health and safety threatening psychological , economic, social and so on. multidimensional important is a problem. the required measures are not taken , if rapid spread of individuals and the fight against this public health problem that threatens the future of society , it is imperative to maintain in cooperation and coordination with all relevant stakeholders. Photo shook the society's peace and security , in particular tends to spread among young people in order to prevent the showing drug use ; about taking the necessary measures in cooperation with all institutions and organizations , especially to increase the awareness of young people and all of our citizens , it is necessary to attach importance to education and prevention activities on this subject . were reconsidered with all aspects of the fight with photo drug this subject to the determination of basic strategy and preparation of action plans has become mandatory . To this end ; prepared by the relevant ministries and submitted to the Council of Ministers \"Fight Draft Emergency Action Plan on Drugs \"within the basic aim of the work to be carried out; blocking access to the drug , eliminating the supply of these substances and demand, presenting addicts to treatment and rehabilitation services in a quality manner is determined as reintegration into society.
In this context, institutions in the fight against drugs interregional cooperation and coordination , to determine the basic strategies and action to prepare plans , confirm, modify if necessary , update and follow-up to assess whether implementation ; Under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister will be appointed by the Prime Minister , Justice, Family and Social Policy , Labour and Social Welfare , Youth and Sports , Customs and Trade , Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education and deemed appropriate by the President and the Ministers of Health on Drugs with the participation of senior representatives of the institutions High Council for Combating were created. when a Photo is deemed necessary, by the President of the High Council ; established subcommittees , technical commissions, committees , advisory groups, and temporary and permanent working groups with provincial and district councils may be formed . As well as the universities of relevant public institutions , civil society organizations, professional associations and could be invited private sector representatives also set up the meetings , the board will be able to take part in subcommittee and committee work . \"Who is the will consists of Photo Boards , tasks, work procedures and principles , when the meeting will determine the annual number of meetings with the President of the High Council as specified in the Circular and the relevant institutions will be announced by the Ministry of Health , \"the Secretariat services, follow-up and coordination of the implementation of the decisions taken at the center ; Ministry of Health Turkey Public Health Agency, the provincial Public Health will be implemented by the Directorate . Photo Furthermore, task management of the process of combating drugs and responsibilities of ministries, institutions and organizations , universities, non-governmental organizations will be determined by the Supreme Council Chairman with the participation of other stakeholders most recently, in coordination with the Ministry of Health \"Challenge Council on Drugs \"will be held . As a result of Council work, the fight against drugs based on scientific basis , in order to ensure a broad participation of understanding in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders \"Fighting Strategy on Drugs \"and the \"Action Plan to Combat Drugs \"will be prepared. Prepared in this manner Strategy and Action Plan , the High Council approval will be put into the application.
Drug Combating High Council and other committees in the study will be conducted by and all kinds of support and assistance will be needed in the implementation of the decisions taken all the Ministries , public institutions and organizations will be meticulously applied \"statements took place .

Prime Minister of the'Combating Drugs'Circular" comments for.


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