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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:18

Prime Minister of the Judiciary:"You are not immaculate, Dirty Clean up your inner"

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his speech at the Army's judicial district Fats, calling out,"You are not immaculate.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Army's Fatsa speech on the judiciary, calling out,"Immaculate do not. Intra your dirty Clean"he said.
Army Fatsa held in the town public at the opening ceremony appealed to the public, Prime Minister, the Black Sea nation with a hug, the Black Sea with his brothers stressed that came to commiserate. In his speech, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality period Referring to Erdogan, "He CHP n dirty, dehydrated, air pollution to deprive him of Istanbul from the garbage, air pollution and the lack of water saved. CHP; drought, pollution and garbage mountains means"he said.
National Education Board of Education with the recommendation of books of poems written for reading in prison Erdogan reminded that,"So the judiciary, the executive and the legislature also know. these dirty jobs incite those who have not, thank Glory but somebody got up, 'it will take revenge,"he to carry something to dictate if he tries to account for that sooner or later will pay. Here judiciary am addressing. Therefore you your inner dirty clean because you like diamonds and immaculately do not. us know what we have,"he said.
in social media ugliness and mounting culture and the AK Party defamation could Erdogan noted,"Here business circles I call. vain you are playing. you lose you.
Media sesleniyorum. you lose you because honestly do not act. lying false accusations iktidarımız our attrition are trying to. however, not us folks war You are opening. Nations you paid a heavy price for it is I,"he said.
"Our Lord is our nation,"said Erdogan ,"from Fatsa all Turkey I am addressing. Kula worship not. only worship Allah would. Kula servant to those premiums do not. Rights servants ones together walk. I Hakka servant. Together walk. Will a place where delivered to those who Do not be,"he said.
Prime Minister Erdogan continued his speech was:
"In recent days, extremely ugly and despicable campaign is in progress. media manipulations carried out with this smear campaign, not only against the AK Party is not that big in Turkey made against a public assassination is. Inside some gangs there. States have infiltrated parallel state employees to be there. Brothers and sisters, this bench morality, no, this conspiracy principle, no, this development, the rule base nonexistent. Look, you know that I want you to. these benches in a very dirty are unanimous. these looms in Turkey with hazmedemeyen dark alliances there. these dirty games in the solution process unwilling youth's death, mothers crying wanting 'blood lobby' there. these campaigns in their own prosperity for the country to betray until he lost consciousness There is an organization.'s not over this scheme in the nation faces can not find any time for dirty tricks trying to use political parties have. decades Turkey, not the interests of others been looking out of the media. interest from the chaos, poverty rant more used to, interest lobby has been transformed into a capital environment there. Dear FATSALI the Be the alliance closely you know. you this alliance May 27 coup of you know. This alliance from September 12, 28 C February than you know. the same alliance, currently the nation's will to chew, Turkey from new design , to Turkey old chaos days back wants to turn. Whose whom keep your business please note that. Tours come together at how new alliances made please note that. lies, slander waist with six indecent how to deal with a perception to mislead try to keep a careful eye."

Prime Minister of the Judiciary:"You are not immaculate, Dirty Clean up your inner"" comments for.


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