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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 17:48

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan:

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,"My Vice President immoral about a film they serve him away from the square.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,"My Vice President about an unscrupulous film square him away they serve. These immoral, dishonorable. Both the 'pious' to say both without batting an eyelid slander innocent people at will. Shame on you,"he said.
Prime Minister, Army public opening ceremony held at the Republic Square was addressed to the public. Erdogan, in his speech,"our country it desirable to the place we're taking. Right now corruption was released. Once these government operations against them so they thought, but that operations against nation procedure. Budget we are finished. Opposition budget 117 vote rejection gave. 318 vote appeared to have.'m Asking now I'm Prime Minister, I'm not there he criticized. I prime my job a lot there proxies have. CHP General Manager Where were you, what you had work done? Course to take the man no man. ruling the whole team was there with her. budget is serious business, countries are managing grocery shop is not . 5 sheep data in the hands of lost income. At their slanders refuge will supposedly. 11 years ago, the task we are. national income have increased triples have. afford, we've paid, we paid the IMF've reset. you owe Welcome, we have paid. Human a ruling criticizing job well ought to know . corruption now appeared a new gum gum. This gum worthy of their palates, as befits both sticks"he said.
"Beware the military a single rally do not. army, Fatsa, Ünye rallies are doing. My people are a fact sees. This ruling this trap is unfair. This trap will drown. March 30 polls will be immersed. Game play in there"Erdogan,"30 years of terrorism only 40 thousand of our people have killed. Solution to the process of terror we finished at the enemies, blood traders that are deprived of terror is not over do not want. 1 year mothers cry. Terrorism feeds from those large are uncomfortable. we settlement process is very dirty countertops We disrupted. Now they re trying to undermine,"he said.
"THERE WILL Toothcomb to enter"
Prime Minister Erdogan, statements continued:"B Vice Chairman of the immoral about film frame him away they serve. these immoral, dishonorable. Both the 'pious' to say both without batting an eyelid slander innocent people at will. Shame. these religions no matter what not hurt. them with the individual to find legal front will bring. States parallel structure can not be. currently know are up that you want there to get settled. out there and enter rummaged will. So far, the gangs were fought if we have it we will fight. we kef with our set off when it is time the owner will deliver. Allah and the nation is enough for us."

"DIRTY formed an alliance"
"Very dirty formed an alliance,"said Erdogan, said:
"Domestic and overseas environment, see that certain. these used together not come were. Now partners are acting against the government. you broke this game can, disrupt believe you will. Turkey of darkness will clean up. Growing from Turkey that has plagued the hope enthusiasm crop'll stay away from. Dear Ordulular service we have come to. only 3 months of 11 in our city 11.5 billion pounds, the service was presented. Asia and Europe interconnect have. Average daily Marmaray going in the number of 300 thousand. Now a new step we took, a new tunnel made. From there, the car will pass. third bridge also are establishing, 5 units of mutual strip . them that go nuts. Nevertheless'll do them. Ankara have opened new investments. nation, we have met with."
army 'GREATER' reminded me of
Army is either a promise is reminiscent, Erdogan was completed as follows :"750 thousand inhabitants catches metropolitan'll do said. you 750 thousand have exceeded the metropolitan did you. March 30 Army territorial boundaries in all to vote. Modern Army ' yu will establish. before going to believe, persevere will. Black Sea to 3 major cities was our. Enver Yilmaz our sister am entrusting you, Army day and night going to run. you for a prayer I want. Association beraberliğimiz, brotherhood can continue. All these investments would be good wish. Others We will stand, standing, but we will not stand erect."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan:" comments for.


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