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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:09

Prisoners in İzmir Courthouse Launch Event

Prisoners in İzmir Courthouse Launch Event
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İzmir Courthouse located at the bottom of the event, had 15 inmates in custody section.

İzmir news: İzmir Courthouse located at the bottom of the event, had 15 inmates in custody section.
Aliaga Bullfinch brought from prison to the courthouse to stand trial and criminal charges of theft of a number of specified where View prisoners wanted to take him to the courtroom attacked the gendarmerie. Seat 3 people on board in the hallway by the gendarmes threw on AA, you want to have defused by the gendarmerie officer. Removed from the courtroom to be taken to detention centers in detention waiting in the hallway gives support to AE 15 inmates grew by events. Officials asked for help from the police, gendarmerie teams. Courthouse in other gendarmerie commanders and soldiers were sent to the site of detention. Gendarmerie of 15 inmates scuffled with officers. Prisoners in the hallway lamp, breaking the gendarmerie officers who wish to incapacitate themselves resisted. Arrivals after police and gendarmerie supplements that can cause events with the other prisoners were defused.
Prisoners during the events with some gendarmerie officers were injured. An ambulance was called to the scene. From the doctors, and gendarme officers wounded prisoners were treated in detention. After the events, with senior managers of police, gendarme officers, came to the courthouse to get information. Photo and plainclothes police officers around the courthouse after the events took extensive security measures. A pretrial inmate named gendarmerie that resists all interests and events were noted.

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