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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 05:27

(Private) İnegöllü Veterans Gate Future Becomes a Reality

(Private) İnegöllü Veterans Gate Future Becomes a Reality
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50 years since the bedridden İnegöllü Gazi, Bursa, GATE dream come true.

Bursa news: 50 years since the bedridden İnegöllü Gazi, Bursa, GATE dream come true. In 1966, his military service as the pain Eleşkirt district spends in a traffic accident injured, nearly 50 years since the mattress was sentenced remaining Ghazi Hasan Sun, UAVs news on the care taken Inegeul State Hospital intensive in terms GATA has been referred to.
Gendarmerie Command Senior Captain Ugur head result of the work referred to in the decision to the Veterans, their relatives in tears 112 Emergency Service Ambulance and Ankara GATA has been referred to.
News immediately after the Inegeul State Hospital management initiatives with the Intensive Care unit was removed and placed under treatment. 14 treated in intensive care since it's Veterans, go untreated GATA military hospital in Ankara wants too was a dream come true.
Inegeul Senior Commander of the Gendarmerie Captain Ugur head, Inegeul going to the State Hospital intensive care unit treatment lasted Gazi Hasan delivered the sun wishes to get past, he had received the necessary information. Chief Commander of the visit, and then shipped to GATA in Ankara Gazi whether there needed to be treated immediately launched initiatives.
GATE PROPULSIONS delights both families and veterans
Veterans of GATA shipped with the relevant studies initiated by the Chief Commander of the Gendarmerie were successful. Learn the decision to refer the Gazi Hasan near the Sun and shed tears of joy. From Bursa 112 Emergency Service Ambulance in the health officers from intensive care on a stretcher, taking the hospital corridors moves the Sun,"My dream has come true. Finally GATA go you'll be treated. Was very happy. News makes UAVs, Yıldırım Newspapers and referral with our interested Captain Ugur Go to thank you very much,"he said.
Ambulance before being placed in the family and relatives said goodbye Hasan sun, tears fumbles, the relatives of the same feelings which they live was observed.
112 Emergency Service Ambulance placed Gazi Hasan Sun, treatment Ankara has to be shipped to GATA.

(Private) İnegöllü Veterans Gate Future Becomes a Reality" comments for.


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