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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:14

Problems Efeler Municipality of the city was laid on the table

Problems Efeler Municipality of the city was laid on the table
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Efeler Municipal Housing Authority and civil society organizations came together Type Planned Area Zoning Regulations related issues laid on the table .

Aydın news:
Efeler Municipal Assembly in the Hall meetings to Efeler Mayor Mesut Özakc , the Vice-tern Unal, Genghis Sina, Derya oiled , Housing and Urban Development Director Ayla Yuksel, Civil Engineers , Architects Chamber , Chamber of Mechanical Engineers , Electrical Engineers , Geophysical engineers , Topographical Engineers Chamber representatives , Building Inspection companies were joined by representatives and project designers . Housing and Urban Development Department technical staff while at a meeting attended.
Zoning Law with the relevant legislation and in particular Planned Area Type Zoning Regulations are addressed at the meeting frequently changing regulations due to emerging problems and possible solutions were discussed. President Massoud Özakc Efeler Beldie looking for ways to stimulate the construction industry , he said. When Özakc ; \"Planned Area Type Zoning Regulations changes continuously due ; building inspection companies, industry-relevant non-governmental organizations and the construction sector distress shut on behalf of the conference have . Sector relevant to the attending organizations grievances exchange of ideas by making solve and industry to a standstill uğratmayal wanted to . Purpose of the construction sector front of open and relieve behalf solutions by calling will implement . principle should any of our citizens and organizations in trouble entering become a victim of them will provide. Housing and Urban Development Directorate legislation interested in all research , making no citizen victims will not , \"he said .
after the meeting, Chamber of Civil Engineers President happy New Scientist, Housing and Urban Development Department of the City of Efeler within the room , engineers , illustrator and industry-related issues to be resolved as soon as possible on behalf of the partners thanked for available rooms .


Problems Efeler Municipality of the city was laid on the table" comments for.


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