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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:10

Procurement of the district helmet Continues

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KASKİ DG , Akkışla , Bunyan, Felahiye , Özvatan and Sarıoğlan district centers and repair of drinking water facilities in the villages and renovation of the building with various parts of the 18 boreholes are opened by the open tender procedure for works tender in the collection of performing bid price was specified.

Kayseri news: Photo is tender of the Board of Directors held at the Conference Hall and the helmet's official website ( is ) stating that live as given KASKİ General Manager Ender Batumi , \"the tender , board members, and committee chairmen and members participants were done before . the tender results will be determined after evaluation by the members of the commission , \"he said . Photo Batuan , said about the company and offers participating in the tender:Photo \"Akkışla , Bunyan, Felahiye , drinking water in Özvatan and Sarıoğlan district centers and villages the construction tender for repair and renovation of the facility 4 firms attended. of these , Cimenoglu Const.-H. Eraslan Joint Venture 2,050,000.00 pounds , Gamma Construction 2,341,000.00 pounds , Tex Engineering-Sky is a Joint Venture 2,390,471.91 pounds Gozutok , gave Korkmazlar Construction 2,470,000.00 pounds. the 18 boreholes in the various places of business open seven companies participated in the tender . GEOTEK Engineering pounds 822,840.00 , 907,365.00 pounds Elif Engineering , Engineering Fm 1,165,523.00 pounds , Umit difficult punch Soldajcılık 1,231,170.00 pounds , Snow-water Engineering 1,353,510.00 pounds , Kurt Drilling 1,570,066.00 pounds , Tex Engineering-Joint Venture bid if Ersan nature 2,395,748.50 pounds. \"

Procurement of the district helmet Continues" comments for.


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