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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:30

Prof. Dr.. Smoke:"Education is the Leading Teacher"

Prof. Dr.. Smoke:
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Gaziantep University (GAIN) in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education, Teachers 'Day November '24' because, Gazi University Faculty Professor.

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep University (GAIN) in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education, Teachers 'Day November '24' because, Gazi University Faculty Professor. Dr.. Tayyip conference was given by smoke.
Teacher training yesterday, today, and in particular Prof. providing information about the current problems. Dr.. Smoke, pre-Republican and Republican teacher education system in the last decade told us how they affect the decisions taken.
November 24, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the founder of our Republic has accepted the principal tutor Stating that day. Dr.. Smoke, the meaning of such a day more suitable for that day, yesterday and today, examining the current problems as an opportunity for establishing said.
Prof. Dr.. Smoke,"In recent years teachers in raising serious discussions there. Education faculties about it too much voice is heard, that faculties in favor of the developments I see that. Teacher training problem is complex and multi-dimensional problem. 'How a teacher needs' question today is not discussed. Principal This question should be discussed.'re in the age of information and communication. Our teacher training programs should be prepared accordingly, should be reconsidered,"he said.
Today, the biggest problem in teacher education that emphasizes Prof. supply and demand balance. Dr.. Smoke, 10 years ago, up to 50 the number of faculties of education stated that currently 97. Prof. Dr.. Smoke,"pedagogical formation courses vengeance opened. Results 300 thousand prospective teachers. Such being the case both HEC as well as the Ministry of Education in difficult situation,"he said.
Turkey of education would save Stating. Dr.. Smoke,"Education is a pioneer teacher. Teaching is a profession, is art. Teachers were raised in this profession skills, artistic dimension to the students should be given. Teaching the reputation of the upgrade as long as we teaching profession problems can not be solved,"he said.
End of the conference presenting gifts at the ceremony speaking GAIN Faculty of Education Dean. Dr.. Wisdom Celkan,"Prof. Dr.. Tayyip Smoke faculties of education bright future that these faculties of their students after graduation, the employment opportunities, from other faculties be a lot more as to whether the promising expressions found. We all improve morale. These conferences, both cultures in our classes need space and pedagogical formation of the lessons we have taken our course contains much more useful information by saying,"Prof. Dr.. He thanked Tayyip smoke.

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