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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:31

Prof. Nur:"Ordotont not just mean Aesthetic"

Prof. Nur:
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Crowding of teeth in the mouth, digestive problems, ranging from hygiene and caries a wide domain was noted.

İzmir news: Teeth in obscurity, oral hygiene and caries of the digestive problems ranging domain was noted.
Orthodontic treatment only in the dental and oral aesthetics aimed indicating whether Healing University Faculty of Dentistry, Orthodontics Specialist Assoc. Dr.. Text Nur, upper and lower jaw bone in some patients said they were not compatible with each other.
Many patients, orthodontics, oral and dental aesthetic improvement in the polls indicating that allows branch Associate Specialist in Orthodontics. Dr.. Text Nur, said:"Orthodontic disorders, oral hygiene, associated diseases, tooth decay, digestive system problems, stemming asymmetries as well as visual aesthetic that transcends even very severe effects. Orthodontics from the outside of tooth crowding fixes the person with a more aesthetic look. correctly aligned healthy teeth, definitely a visual person so important is an advantage. However, orthodontics domain this knowledge is not limited. Misaligned teeth and oral hygiene to provide more power, because gum disease and decay occurs more easily. upper and lower teeth with each other is not fully compatible cases, the jaw joint or a single tooth overload may come as a result painful and difficult to treat problems may occur. Again, in such cases, chewing fully done because no digestive system a number of problems begin. All these problems to be corrected, in general, orthodontic treatment that we call applications possible with can be."
of orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age is not only reminiscent of childhood Prof. Nur, said continued :"D works and the surrounding gum and bone tissues healthy individuals of all ages with orthodontic treatment. Teeth and jaw disorders depending on the degree, active orthodontic treatment an average of 6 months and 18 month period between the completion can say that. orthognathic surgery assisted orthodontic treatment and functional jaw orthopedics as well as a few progressive orthodontic treatments, this time a little more space can be. orthodontic treatment after completion of the initially present obscurity, the recurrence of measures for, the practice we call the applications you need to do."
malalignment of teeth as well as some skeletal problems within the field of orthodontics also pointed out that Prof. Text Nur, upper and lower jaw bone in some patients said they were not compatible with each other. Gone is the lower jaw or the lower jaw is too far forward stating that they encounter situations in which Prof. Nur, said completed :"H alk between toothy called the case, the lower jaw than normal posterior, the upper teeth come forward. Chin, this kind of discomfort correction operations age of puberty is an important period. During this period, a quick growth spurt is happening, height very quickly are getting longer, the jaw bones also osseous the increase is occurring. Precisely in this period jaw ahead, keeping the joint in a bone adaptation expect it to be. goal here is the most effective treatment in a short time is to do. During this period, also in Turkey conditions boys The average for 12-14, for girls ages 10-12 is equivalent to."

Prof. Nur:"Ordotont not just mean Aesthetic"" comments for.


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