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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:09

prof.dr.çağırg:"The Africans are beginning to sell Sesame us"

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Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty Member Prof. Dr.

Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ilhan Cagirgan, sesame shortages in recent years as China's entry into the market stems from consumers, he said.
are consuming sesame 900
Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Ilhan Cagirgan, they meet the Chinese sesame oil production and a quarter of sesame produced in the world is consumed by the Chinese, he said. Prof. Cagirgan, in recent years the sesame shortage in China as consumers enter the market from the weld, said:"The Chinese 900 thousand tons of sesame is consumed. Almost world produced sesame seeds one-quarter of the Chinese consume. Recent years, the sesame scarcity in China, as consumers enter the market is due,"he said.
"CHINESE SESAME The term"been fabricated ONE
Prof. dr.ilh the Cagirgan also"Chinese sesame as"a sesame seed type, whether such so-called sesame poor conditions produced sesame is söyledi.köt conditions produced sesame cause liver cancer pointed out that the prof.dr.çağırg of this type which sesame is a kind of poison"aflatoxin"said that move. prof.dr.çağırg, 'the Chinese sesame as' there is nothing stating that continued as follows :"O in sesame she said sesame varieties previously under bad conditions, peeled, aflatoxin problem with unhealthy bad sesame made for one have been fabricated . of China itself today has become the largest importer of sesame."SESAME IN TURKEY PRODUCTION
15 TON
prof.dr.çağırg indicating that the diversification of uses of Sesame, sesame directed to the production of African countries, he said. Sesame production shifted to African countries because of cheap labor explaining Prof. Cagirgan, said continued :"N that Africa? Turkey not? 1994 year 80 thousand hectares in the vicinity of sesame seeds had produced. Nowadays, sesame cultivation area of ​​30 thousand hectares is around. Our production well 15-16 tons do not pass."
prof.dr.çağırg, the sesame production is intense manual labor has become a production, manual labor is expensive in Turkey farmers from other countries better evaluate the labor started to use in places where they said. prof.dr.çağırg, the"Sesame fruits when mature capsules by cracking the seed falls down. therefore Combines for harvest in the absence of sesame production of manual labor was cheaper to countries began to shift,"he said.
TURKEY ripped the spines not
Cagirgan, sesame manpower to recover the lost value of work to be done and that the machine should be made to do the harvest, he said. Cagirgan, pretzels price increases associated with said :"S Usami machine harvesting can be done to make it work we have to make. Bagels prices have increased outside because production has fallen. We Africans programs. Thereafter sesame Learn how to produce Africans sesame us are starting to sell. Turkey can not sew ripped tailor falls to the state. way to resolve the problem of sesame seed in Turkey with advanced technology products that can be harvested with machines should start to work."

prof.dr.çağırg:"The Africans are beginning to sell Sesame us"" comments for.


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