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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:33

Professor Abundance:\"Diabetes Threatens our children \"

Professor Abundance:\
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School-age children who threaten significant incidence of chronic disease diabetes which is one of our country day by day increasing, new techniques used in the treatment of the disease raises the quality of life for children with diabetes .

İstanbul news: Although diabetes is usually known as an adult disease'diabetes'is known as a disease that can be seen in the children and youth of all ages . Diabetes lack of insulin, the hormone that makes use of sugar in our body or resistance caused and blood sugar height navigating stated as a disease. Photo Marmara University Medical School Foundation Academic Hospital and Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Endocrinology and President of Diabetes Science Professor Abdullah Bereket , said the innovations in the treatment of diabetes . Abundance is describing the two types of diabetes , said:\"The first of these is Type-1 diabetes, mostly children and develops as a result of the lack of this type of diabetes, insulin seen in young adults . Type-1 diabetes, the body insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells self-destroys and revealed a lack of insulin. in type-2 diabetes is known as the more adult diabetes , and wherein the main problem is insulin resistance develops as a result of obesity. Although all close to the Type-1 diabetes, diabetes in childhood with particular Type in some children in fat and puberty due to an increase in the rate of obesity we see-2 diabetes as well. \"Photo Candy of disease of childhood explaining that one of the most common chronic disease of fertility ,, words continued as follows:\"the incidence of the disease is increasing , both in our country in the world. Marmara University pediatric Endocrinology department of the Istanbul 2009 in a study it was found that 7 out of every 10,000 children of school age in type-1 diabetes found. Our country is calculated as Type-1 diabetic children around 20 thousand . \"Photo in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes explaining that a disease can be cured fully yet, despite all the progress Fortunately, his words said:\"diabetic children Nowadays Thanks to improved insulin and blood sugar measurement methods able to lead a normal life like other peers . Can eat and drink relatively more free than ever before. Can participate in all kinds of social and sporting events. However, there are extra requirements they need to do differently from other peers. Days to measure at least 4 times blood sugar finger and 4 times a day to make insulin injections and perhaps the more important the food from them for some slight'simple sugar containing foods'at being forced to pay attention to certain things . Photo Fortunately, diabetic children have to diseases specifying the healthy and take an active life like other peers when you meet \"But diabetes is not easy for every child to comply with the requirements . , physicians dealing with diabetes and scientists with diabetes struggling constantly to improve the quality of children's lives. We hope to give the very near future the fruits of this effort. diabetic children needle word and does not mention days of age can eat everything he eats is probably not very far inland , \"he said .

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