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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:14

Professor Dr. Genghis Yakınc:\"The road crossing the street to speaking with Mobile Phone punishment should be written \"

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Malatya Inonu University Faculty Professor

Malatya news: Dr. Genghis Yakınc , \"the pedestrians , especially the road crossing the street on a cell phone conversation should be banned and the rules do not comply with the criminal process should be implemented ,\"he said .
Road crossing the street with a cell phone conversation of the drawbacks that mention Professor Dr. Genghis Yakınc , \"the accident majority of carelessness , traffic rules violation stems from . A well in recent years that somehow we decrease can not our phone also attended . Vehicles when using their mobile phones unable to decrease addicted to technology drives both themselves and other vehicle drivers , as well as pedestrians what a great danger into at they even know they're not. I will not do anything at the same time a lot of work I can do with the logic one hand steering the other hand the mobile phone glued to're moving along the road . death rehearsal would not even know the wishbone play in pursuit drivers also crossing the street phones indistinguishable walkers are accompanied anymore. So this error only drivers not pedestrians make and a great danger to tempt both sides , \"he said .
phone distraction and accidents prepare the environment said Yakınc ,\"the foot crossing the street a known fact that we need to be very careful . One wrong move can lead us to our death , because our country is not on the road car of the passage of pedestrians advantage. Therefore our attention on the roads we walk on foot to collect more and more imperative that we be vigilant . Use the phone outside and the phone will sound distraction that prevented a situation that prepare the environment for the accident . Prohibited from using their phones using car drivers and traffic fines for those who do otherwise have been . Place and the right decision but the penalty should be applied in a similar way to pedestrians I believe that . Especially in the way of pedestrians crossing the street talking on a cell phone should be banned and do not conform to the rules should be applied to the criminal proceedings . This consciousness a little difficult sits in my opinion, I wonder if their mobile phones while selling the device's instruction manual into the cases in which the closure , in which case not talk , in which case speech might be dangerous information also add it if just on cigarette packs by'Harmful'phrase like . Useful been known, but do not pay attention much more water reason to die will continue and this rapidly persists Turkey Statistical Institute mortality publishing traffic use of mobile phones depending on the number of deaths in the statistical data add to the seems to be , \"he said .

Professor Dr. Genghis Yakınc:\"The road crossing the street to speaking with Mobile Phone punishment should be written \"" comments for.


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