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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:40

Professor of Urban Transformation Gediz'l Wrote the Book

Professor of Urban Transformation Gediz'l Wrote the Book
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The Gediz University Professor

İzmir news: Dr. Yasin Sezer , President of the Administrative Court of opium Hussein was viewed Bilgin 2 thousand case files . Obstacles identified were collected in a book of urban renewal. Accordingly, it is stated that there is a lack of information and confusion of authority of the biggest problems sides. Solution with the work , including recommendations, is aimed to accelerate urban renewal . Photo crooked and flimsy construction of metropolitan seen as the salvation recipe caught in the pincers of the desired rate can not be lawyers mobilized in urban regeneration . Gediz University Chairman of the Department of Public Law , Faculty of Law , Prof. Dr. Yasin Sezer , Istanbul Administrative Court President Hussein before the Zoning Law of the information they penned the book Practical Guide updated by urban renewal . Professor Dr. Sezer and knowledge , the development of Turkey's viewed about 2 thousand case files seen in different provinces. Urban transformation is what the individual was found to block . Both have to be done to overcome them both were listed in the 950-page resource book . Professor Dr. Sezer, obstructing the process , he noted that the most important authority confusion and lack of knowledge of the problem. Zoning law expert Professor Dr. Yasin Sezer , the parties sufficient knowledge expressed that there were various concerns and conflicts due to the absence , said:Photo HEADS MIXED Photo \"people are confused , they are afraid to suffer a loss of rights and therefore conversion or never have resorted to the courts in the hot look not or process. Municipalities and construction sector is not fully informed about it. All of them come together , transformation painful and moving heavy . both seismicity, significant part of the structure in terms of both the zoning law as problematic Izmir must be given great impetus to the transformation of urban areas . the municipalities of Jurists , we've written this book for the purpose of guiding the conversion rate added to all parties entitled to the builders . \"photo Gediz University Prof. Dr. Sezer, he saw great interest in a short time the work was also stated that the use as a source of scientific study, said:\"At first, our universities is considered an indicator of similar education , including the graduate program of urban renewal . The ugly appearance of our cities , our people in the recovery of the structures at risk of collapse in an earthquake we give will contribute to the renewal will be our greatest happiness. \"

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