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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:56

\"Progressive Age of Spiritual Circumcision may distress the child \"

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Mersin University ( MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Professor of Urology Department faculty member .

Mersin news: Mersin University ( MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Professor of Urology Department faculty member . Dr. . Erim Erdem, circumcision many benefits of that expression, \"Circumcision ideal time for delivery in the first 2 weeks. Should be noted that later in life local anesthesia, the child's pain for a while disappeared, although circumcision because the child will live great mental distress will have no effect ,\"he said . Circumcision
in statements to reporters about the UAV Prof. Dr. . Erim Erdem, surrounds the tip of the penis to be cut a circular piece of skin that process , he said. Circumcision for religious and cultural reasons as the basis of the BC Six thousand years since the Mesopotamian implemented in said Erdem , \"But circumcision expansion of the monotheist religions:Judaism and followed with Islam was realized . Nowadays circumcision medical necessity too is an issue debated . American Pediatrics Association ( AAP) in newborn infants for circumcision decisions taken glance variations in the angle of reflects .'in 1975 circumcision done that can support any medical data are available ,'said the community in 1989, in the opinions'of circumcision in medical terms benefits, that circumcision has been executed to be with the family decide who should be given as'a change made ​​. All these opinions , religious and socially circumcision regularly being implemented is not a country that should be considered , \"he said .
of circumcision
of circumcision also mentioned the Virtues ,\"newborn period who were circumcised urinary tract infections in children within the first 5 years of age were significantly lower chance of passing . Cleaning rules are followed and during intercourse taking the necessary measures provided circumcised and uncircumcised males sexually transmitted diseases significant differences although these conditions are sufficient fulfilled in cases where uncircumcised men to AIDS, the risk of getting four times more . Penile cancer in circumcised men may be seen very düşüktür.sünnet skin severe narrowing voiding blocking the foreskin infection risks to eliminate achieved , \"he said .
Although frequently performed even though all surgical procedures such as circumcision during or after draws attention to the possibility of several complications occurred Virtue, \"the basic conditions for the prevention of complications of circumcision by the doctor according to the surgical technique is performed under sterile conditions . It should be noted that a completely healthy tissue circumcision is a surgical procedure performed . Meanwhile, insufficient knowledge and lack of sterility will affect the child's later life and despite corrective action will be irrevocably cause disorder . Improper sterilization conditions , and many infectious diseases can be transmitted hepatitis . These diseases are serious diseases that can result even in death . Bleeding after circumcision , wound infection, more or less cut off the foreskin of complications which are more easily corrected . However, despite a risky method , which is frequently performed by the mohel clamp method , the problem of the end portion of the penis with foreskin is cut . Another complication with the cautery or laser burns are the circumcision , the penis may occur . This complication of the treatment is not possible and the penis complete loss results in \"he said .
\" CIRCUMCISION ideal time to first postpartum 2 WEEKS \"
Sunnah ideal time for the birth of underlining the first 2 weeks Erdem , he continued as follows:\"circumcision done in the newborn period with the effective use of local anesthesia makes the process more comfortable for the baby . It should be noted that local anesthesia in the later stages of the child's pain disappeared, although for a time because of the circumcision of the child will live will not affect the great mental distress . Therefore, if older kids in general anesthesia in circumcision should be preferred if possible . Another benefit of circumcision is making the newborn period mentioned earlier within the first 5 years of age increased the risk of urinary tract infections is prevention . However, if there is not circumcised in the newborn period if circumcision is to be done when it is important . Will be held between 2-6 years , creating fear of castration in the circumcised child will live through life can lead to mental problems . Therefore if you do not have a medical necessity should not be circumcised between the ages of 2-6 . \"Circumcision should CONDITIONS WHICH
In some cases the child's foreskin should be pointed out that the postponement of Virtue, \"Children's health harms of circumcision in the case of other disorders and treatment should not be in a hurry to be expected. The disease , also called bleeding diathesis stop bleeding treatment needed to be done before the circumcision , bleeding disorders after clearing process should be carried out . In children with congenital defects in the penis must surely be circumcised . Some of these are above or below the urinary opening of the penis is . Foreskin tissue it is important for the treatment of disorders . Circumcision , the foreskin should be performed during surgery will be done using . Circumcisions performed in unsuitable conditions may cause serious physical and psychological problems . Ideal for circumcision at the right time with the right method , the circumcision should be noted that those skilled \"he said.

\"Progressive Age of Spiritual Circumcision may distress the child \"" comments for.


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