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  • 19 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 14:18

Promising Results For tumor in saffron

Promising Results For tumor in saffron
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Adana news: Dr.. Omer Coskun, saffron and crocin in the content safranal substances obtained promising results on a tumor, he said. Cancer is one of the most important diseases
today pointed out that Dr.. Coates, saffron had a major impact on cancer, he said. When used in a certain time at a certain rate of saffron can prevent cancer, Dr. transfer. Coskun, you stated:
"Saffron certain degree 6 months when used in many types of cancer inhibition properties have. Cancer and can be prevented as well as treated. Moreover saffron, elimination of tumors in the important role determined. Safran in the content safranal and crocin of material, promising results were obtained on tumors."
DR. Omer Coskun, saffron tea per day as can be consumed, said:"1 cup of saffron tea for 6-7 saffron can use. Boil water after 1-2 minutes, allow to cool and saffron If you put the glass pour. Water color amber until it returns to wait. Usually 5 minutes brew is enough. Pregnant women should not use this plant,"he said.

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