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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:49

Promoting the Gospel in umutlandırdı Karabük Iron and Steel Industry

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Karabük Commerce and Chamber of Industry ( CCCI ) President Sadat Namal , Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci'nin , regarding the highest level of explanation will be given to incentives for the iron and steel industry , \"Such a prediction is happy to receive the result of seeing before,\"he said.

Karabük news: that they are some initiatives on Photo Incentives , Prime Minister and explained that opinion before the ministers concerned Namal , said:\"Our 7. Our these issues in our Distance Commerce President had made meeting the then Prime Minister and ministers of our up to 7-8 hours. Here enrolled in our opinion . we have had requests from them in 4 main headings in Karabük and entered the council booklet. several times that we ask because they Karabük little behind on incentives can be given to the iron and steel sector . Economics Minister recently doing work on it was the description of it. to what extent effective in round iron point with the Incentive I dont know , but the added value of the production of high quality products , land allocation , a team that includes incentives such as tax exemptions. arrangements to be made in the new available fabika . the new investment made ​​what would the point of application will be a significant benefit to the Karabük I think. KARDEMİR wagons , rails , locomotives Considering that produce wheels KARDEMİR and investors will also benefit the city . Karabük TSO as such a prediction is happy to receive the results by relaxing seeing before. \"Photo PORT WHEN KARABUK'< strong> Our THINKING the MIGRATION LOSS NEEDS Photo Incentive after location will emerge the issue and at this point, self-criticism and objectivity will never tell you to avoid losing Namal, said:\"field of our political and our investors different but there still and always two sides to listen to can be true as a TSO can organize talk to people we should direct them to the right . I'll invest 500 acres large factory in karabük course I'm coming who will give place , who will find a place , not a place like this . OSB began to fill up quickly . 3 companies have made more space allocation . We are trying to quickly resolving this respect Eskipazar of İsmetpaşa . By the beginning of the study of Filyos port , I asked the Prime Minister to visit Sweden orally . Thank goodness has occurred and has resulted in infrastructure investment and procurement work will begin. While the Filyos port , Istanbul's immigration we need to think about the loss . Filyos Port is located in Zonguldak . From there, the shipping sector could benefit and may be a disadvantage for Karabük KARDEMİR but we look at the population point and we want to work in this way immediately for transformation of Eskipazar advantage of it. \"

Promoting the Gospel in umutlandırdı Karabük Iron and Steel Industry" comments for.


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