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  • 29 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:49

Proper Hair the Way You Make Up

Proper Hair the Way You Make Up
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Most of us rely on applying makeup kıyafetimizi or mood. Makeup and hair the way going a step further to make it the appearance from head to toe indicates that you are a woman who knows how to shape the. Here are some ways of doing makeup is compatible with the latest fashion hair shapes:EM


straight and silky hair

flowing waves

messy, free-waves, smoky eye makeup and simple taupe look great with lips. If you live havasındaysanız curls, enlightening, and the red color of the lips will take your cheekbones catch the red carpet with charm.

Kâküllü Genres

Short Hair

Short hair, the most comfortable cut. A hair model of character highlight lips with lipstick or peach lips to look sweet and innocent, you can choose between a polished skin.

About the Author: flow, EM lipstick and nail polish
colors online catalog , which EM EM EM 's idea, the mother of EM and The Style Glossy 'EM edition of essays by Turkey
are available.

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