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  • 15 Mart 2013, Cuma 08:51

Protect your skin and your hair harsh effects of winter

Protect your skin and your hair harsh effects of winter
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In winter, freezing soğuklarına persist, hair and want to keep your skin healthy and soft? Here are some suggestions.

Silky Smooth Skin and Hair

winter ... Not imagine!

winter and heavy hair and skin got down on your beauty. When you look in the mirror, dull, and lifeless hair was stringy elektriklenerek do you see? What about your skin? Cracked and dry, flaky skin does not know how to do a kind of head you will? The knowledge that you do not despair! Simple methods than you think on the bad effects of freezing cold can head to the hair and skin.


1 Protect your hair and skin's natural moisture


2 EM Maintenance products • Replace the humidifier!

moisture, so your face is also important for your hair! Use a moisturizing cream after showering and moisturizing serums, deep moisture Provide operation.


3 Day care, and moisturizing foam, spray and add hair masks!

4 Do not skimp on your bag dry shampoo and moisturizing conditioner!

said, but what if you lose moisture rapidly washing the hair often have dirty hair? I will protect the hair moisture, dirty hair, of course, just because you can not go out. These cases, dry hair shampoo, can be your greatest helper.

When it comes to your skin ... For your face, skin type
humidifiers chosen in consultation with experts. However, the greatest contact with the air and water
Do not forget your hands and moisturizing cream that is missing purse
Do not.

About the Author:Asli Yazır EM freelance writer and translator. It's , , a comma, super! , Hand in hand, EM and Marie Claire Turkey Yacht Turkey has written articles in magazines such as EM.

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