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  • 15 Şubat 2013, Cuma 09:52

Protect your skin with harsh effects of winter

Protect your skin with harsh effects of winter
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In winter, freezing soğuklarına stubbornness, skin, hair and nails Do you want to give back to the days of summer ışltısını? Here are some suggestions.

winter, with all their hardness continues. The effect of cold flaky skin, chapped lips, dry hands and bifurcated sheets at all times is to complain? So important to remember that simply means that there is some simple facts.

cold and dry weather, poorly ventilated environments and increasing air pollution, central heating also increases our skin is enough to give an alarm even. parts such as hands and face exposed to the cold, especially cracking, exfoliation, lip tension first perceived changes. Like most women in the lip protector and hand cream in your bag without you bet çıkmadığınıza go into the house. Winter air temperatures are always better to use an oily cream, your hands will be effective in winning back lost moisture. But remember, creamy skin, an important weapon in the war alone is not enough, though, gloves, sudden transitions from heat to cold hands will be the number one assistant.

not wear gloves in my face that I seem to hear. Do not worry, our beauty, which is the number one indicator of an accessory such as gloves, you do not need to protect our skin. Choose an appropriate moisturizer to your skin type EM consultation with your doctor. Most of us will cultivate cream just before heading out. However, in order to get the best skin cream before going to bed must apply, or at least a few hours before heading out. Oil in the skin that protects from the cold, oily skin, you're in luck! But the cold of winter, your skin does not mean, of course, never be affected. Cracking of skin creams and skin type, you can prevent your skin reddening or color change.

and water. on all things health and güzelliğimizle, as well as to reduce the negative effects of cold water on our skin, the head should be my crown. Unlike the summer months, the winter water between us is not very good, unfortunately. Çantamızdan missing pet bottles, we do not sense the temperature summer hot in winter, more and more sparse references to the body of water and caffeinated beverages hot charge at losing more. You may not no tea or coffee warms your insides warm, of course, but if we make supplements will find best skin moisturizer how much from the outside, and the health of your skin from the inside Please note that the actual moisture.

What about hair? cream after shampooing, the hair in the winter with all their weight on the cords will be confined to the humidity. As well as the suitable hair mask, hair type, hair, prevents wear and lose quality.

Finally, EM

nails. you forgot, did not you? Nails in the winter months due to the dry and cold air thins, becomes sensitive, and more prone to breakage. Hand creams, unfortunately, will not be enough to protect your nails. Nail protective creams should also routinely involved in your care.

What is your time out of your pocket you will play

these measures, the long-term wrinkles, skin disorders and sensitivities as protect you from troubles like the cold weather will make you look even prettier.

About the Author:Asli Yazır EM freelance writer and translator. It's , , a comma, super! , Hand in hand, EM and Marie Claire Turkey Yacht Turkey has written articles in magazines such as EM.

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