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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:38

Provincial Director of Education Visits the wallet

Provincial Director of Education Visits the wallet
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Çukurova Association for the Gifted ( wallet ) Islands Provincial Director of Education visited Akpinar Turan in his office.

Adana news: wallet Chairman of the Board of Directors Photo Visit Murat Acar and Vice President Berna Unsal, Akpinar in explaining the association's objectives and targets ,'Intelligence and mind games education'gave information about the projects.
President of Acer , Adana and environment a large number of gifted students in the province , although it should be stressed condition of their identification in the lack of support of National Education . Cukurova University with Science and Technology University teachers reminded that they provide training to Acer , \"This training will benefit great for our children ,\"he said . Photo wallet Vice President puzzles instructor Berne said he should play various intelligence developer games of every child in Unsal, \"with this game we discover our mental development of children increased and gifted , \"he said . Photo is very satisfied with the visit, expressing Provincial Education Director Turan Akpinar, wallet and thanked Vice President Acer Ünsal . Akpinar, \"Our non-gifted children discovered you, we can discover our collaboration with teachers and parents ,\"he said .

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