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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:37

Provincial Director of SSI Hardworking, Pouches Law Explained

Provincial Director of SSI Hardworking, Pouches Law Explained
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Social Security Institution (SGK ) Balıkesir Provincial Manager Omar Hardworking, Turkey Grand National Assembly adopted and enacted a new law that will change the SSI some applications contain ingredients said.

Balıkesir news:
Journalists met with SSI Balıkesir Provincial Manager Omar Hardworking, public bag law called the 6552 number one law the Social Security Administration application will change the different substances to contain , saying, \"This law only configuration not concerned . particular insurance premiums, delays interest , administrative penalties and Bag-Kur , which we call 4D insured , retired , even though retirees must be cut social security contributions payable this configuration scope's . actual goal configuration and installment actually. here the person is in debt since the date to late payment penalties and interest for configuration he admitted that if the state this debt aside from putting \"he said.
the configuration to an income test those who are absent to an income test into ensuring debt installments targeted to be stated that the hardworking, \"Soma accidents lost their lives in the miners relevant arrangements have been made . birth borrowing rights for two children Bag-Committee in removing three children and officials were given the right to borrow . Women working in domestic service related to insurance activities there . Underground miners underground working times are also studied as they were included in wear . The number of people who want to have children right tube baby was removed from two to three , \"he said .

Provincial Director of SSI Hardworking, Pouches Law Explained" comments for.


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