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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:15

Provincial Sports Security Council Meets

Provincial Sports Security Council Meets
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Provincial Sports Security Council Deputy Governor Mustafa gathered in Gundogan presidency.

Erzurum news: Photo Erzurum Governorship Investment Monitoring Building Meeting meeting in the 2014-2015 season held at Hall will be the sporting event to be held across the province were revised measures. As the decisions taken in the Photo Meeting ;
\"the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum Sports Club in the 2014/2015 year of football matches of the 50 private security personnel , Palandöken Municipality Sports Club 2014/2015 year of volleyball matches in the act of 15 private security personnel , but the increasing number of spectators , competitors crowd of spectators of the coming competition and the rise or fall events such as importance cases to increase this number ,
sports sector is obliged to keep the sports club private security guards of the competition time of 1 (one ) be made ​​available in the hours before duty station , the top searches on the door to be performed by private security officers in policing and the audience distributions to be available in the task until there is place , Photo Municipality of Erzurum Sports Club to play in the competition for placing the donation box to the stadium gates and practice necessary coordination and correspondence of the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum to be made by the Sports Club , Photo Municipality of Erzurum Sports Club'competition was made that week , sports public donations for the audience box with the performance of the relevant required information before beginning a Photo Competition Metropolitan Municipality at least one (1) firefighting vehicles with the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum Sports Club by at least one ( 1) in a manner that interferes with ambulances as soon as possible in the event , the competition 1 (one) hour prior to be present in a suitable location in the stadium and spectators distributions to be present at the task until there is place ,
Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate Kazim Karabekir part in competitions in the stadium field portable stool for the benefit of the riot Staff, benches and so on. to obtain, Photo Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate Kazim Karabekir to record the increase and camera of resolution of the camera on the stadium property to make the need to impart , Photo Kazim Karabekir into the stadium at football matches will be played in the stadium and 1 safety barrier into to be peddlers and pre-event follow-up of this issue , during and after five (5) the fulfillment by municipal police officer, Photo Kazim Karabekir can be taken safely the ground that the maximum number of spectators 23750 , Metropolitan season of the year Photo 2014/2015 70 riot Police personnel in municipal Erzurum Sports Club competitions also of a total of 140 police personnel , including 70 from other units , while Palandöken Municipality Sports Club competitions him to serve 20 security personnel , risks high degree of competition in this number to increase , Photo importance who and high audience participation expected competition from prior explosives search made ​​for Coordination and Operations Branch Directorate of competition days of the appointment of Bomb Disposal Expert , Photo 2014/2015 year of football Kazim Karabekir season in the competition which will be played at the stadium without encountering the stadium doors to open at least 1 hour ago , Photo 2014/2015 season in our city Kazim Karabekir Stadium (side pitches ) July 3, Stadium, Orhan Annealed Stadium, Clover Gym, Yakutia Gym, with sporting events will be held in all competition areas and facilities before the amateur leagues and sports activities , during and after the Public Security Directorate of the necessary measures in the ( teams Chief ) of the task to do the follow-up event by the official teams, Public Security Directorate in case of need in the competition ( teams Chief ) on the request of the riot staff, Photo 2014/2015 academic year İlköğretim-secondary School from competition in Public Security Directorate for taking necessary measures in sporting activities ( Crews Chief ) of the competition by teams working in the region is responsible for the conduct of follow-up , Public Security Branch Directorate in case of need in the competition ( teams Chief ) requiring a riot staff, Photo Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate Kazim Karabekir in the playground with the audience Stadium dividing fence of improving to be at least 2.5 meters , Photo No. 6222 Sports-Related Violence and Disorder's Prevention on the Law and Regulation held on 12.11.2014 Provincial Sports Security Board Meeting and set out in the arrangement and it was decided unanimously to implementation measures described above if substances \"

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