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  • 28 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 10:44

Psychologists from Dülgar 'Depression' Information

Psychologists from Dülgar 'Depression' Information
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Psychologists in Private Healing Hospital in çorlu dulger Cey, depression is self-published, do psychiatrists and psychologists should be noted that assistance.

Tekirdağ news: Çorlu Special Healing Hospital Psychologist Ceyda dulger, depression itself is not more, to do psychiatrists and psychologists help should be noted.
Person's depression alone overcome tried to voicing Psychologist dulger,"But the people that handle the situation came alone can not be realized as a result person hopelessness, feelings of helplessness increases, and suicide may go up. these symptoms a person's life in a negative way affect. therefore do psychiatrists and psychologists help should take. drug therapy alongside individual psychotherapy is extremely important. depression to be ashamed of a situation is not necessarily for treatment specialist help should be consulted by saying"to make suggestions.
Depressive providing information dulger depression; person herself unhappy, sad, worthless, tired, feel weak, everything is pessimistic as to see, nothing he does enjoy as the inability to experience symptoms caused by the disease, he said.
Psychologists dulger, depression all the diseases most common form of the disease is one of the said.
Depression generally the first signs of unhappiness, feeling of weakness and fatigue state, nothing enjoyed incapacity and sleep disorders as a sort Psychologist dulger, people around and against the surrounding against people being indifferent, everything negative to start thinking in the morning, desperation, loss of sexual desire and daily function slowdown in the small talk and be alone desire, to do nothing unwillingness swings, extreme irritability, depressive mood swings, depressed mood of depression symptoms of between that drew attention. Dulger,"Depression in people physical symptoms, the body in various parts of the pain you feel, appetite and sleep disorders. Personalized with depression to these symptoms for at least 4 of them more than 2 weeks for a while now lives should be,"he said.
Person's symptoms of depression daily life lived with pessimism mixing should be voicing Psychologist dulger,"The diagnosis of depression expedite our ability symptoms for more than 2 weeks is the time felt should be. So oneself how long this way feels is very important,"he said.
Depression of the person's life lived their an adverse event or where the person lives due to a trauma may develop record dulger,"These reasons other than the person for no reason in life expectations are not met at the thought of the constant negative thoughts people depression can drag. Moreover happy news people depression process can push. example, children university win left home for parents with children leaving home process alone can cause depression,"he said.
depression, childhood, including start at any age can be emphasized Psychologist dulger, depression average 24-25 years beginning in women than in men into a depression probability is higher, he added.

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