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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:49

PTT guard locking the bathroom itself freed from robbers

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Adana 'V' Post Office branch wearing mask with a gun allegedly robbing 3 thousand 385 pounds, was the prosecution of the person.

Sickle arrested 33-year-old Mehmet

the incident, claimed that the court had been detained passing from the scene. 36-year-old Adam PTT officer saved his life Bakar told the robbers lock the bathroom itself.

Gürselpaşa Quarter PTT E ubesi'ni who fled after the attack the party on June 7 Mehmet sickle, was caught and arrested. While the other two robbers caught. The lack of research on the car used in the robbery at the end of the right fog light captured Mower, 4th Adana Heavy Penal Court appeared before a judge for 15 years imprisonment. PTT robbed S. that is doing the job Branch decoration near the sickle,"My only fault with the event to replace my car."she said.

doğrulttukları gun heist PTT officer Adam Bakar told the moments of terror. It looks very afraid transfers during the event, running masked gunmen entered into at a time, noting that one of them said that the fire into the air. Doğrulttuğunu after expressing his weapon Bakar,"At that moment I threw myself under the attachments were. Then entering the bathroom, locked the door on me I saved myself."said. Bakar said that the robbers complaining.

other two witnesses for the hearing was postponed while trying to capture the robber.

PTT guard locking the bathroom itself freed from robbers" comments for.


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