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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:04

Public Health Directorate of Afyonkarahisar World Diabetes Day Description

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Afyonkarahisar Director of Public Health Specialist Dr.

Afyonkarahisar news: Lutfi Akgun , 14 November \"World Diabetes Day\"referring to brought in the left due to the description with the diabetes , \"Diabetes is one of the most simple disease that can be overcome with a healthy and regular diet ,\"he said . Delivering a written description of the Photo Thread Dr. Akgun, diabetes , lack of the hormone insulin or the body said it was a disease caused by scarcity . That disrupt the body's normal processes that allow the utilization of nutrients in the blood glucose levels of the disease and emphasizes that led to very elevated Dr. Akgun, \"which can create extremely serious health problems if not treated and are not a chronic disease with diabetes in our country, what by people unfortunately too seriously . In particular, type 2 diabetes, people with certain age arises by chance when they went to the hospital with other diseases . Frequent thirst, hunger, weakness, because the symptoms are so negligible as weakness and there are many diabetics have put diagnosed among us is not considered diabetes can be . to know the risk of diabetes in people is a good start . Overweight , factors such as the state of having diabetes in the family poses a risk for diabetes. weight loss , exercise and good nutrition can reduce the risk in the plan. in particular, acquisitions and overweight risk and not very thirst quickly hunger and weakness , which people are required to take the first step towards diagnosis and treatment by having a blood sugar measurement. Let us not forget that this disease detainees if a long life they care treatment can take , otherwise diabetes; heart, kidneys, eyes and so on. olmaktadır.diyabet cause suffered great damage in many organs in order to raise awareness of the World Health Organization (WHO ) and the World Diabetes Federation ( IDF) led by ; ever created in the history of medicine with insulin Hormonu the birthday of Frederick Banting who can be called the most valuable molecules November 14 was designated as World Diabetes Day . To change our future , let's move today , \"he said .

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