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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 19:07

Public Security Operations Team of the Day Before

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Malatya Public Security Branch teams, ahead of Eid al-Adha in his final imprisonment in operations with the rights of many people handed over to judicial authorities by capturing .

Malatya news:
trust under the Directorate of Public Security Branch on timlerin Inonu Caddesi suspicious attitudes among individuals as they wait exhibited by going to the police after showing their identification cards in the top search İ.H.İ. A condition attached to the waist on unlicensed pistol, pistol magazine of ammunition in 7 other suspects Î.I. with the belt on his pants squeezed between the cutter section 23 inches total length 40 inches , with the cutting part newsprint coated with one blade was obtained.
14 FUGITIVES Captured
Public Security Branch Department Wanted Persons Bureau Amirliği'n by a variety of offenses by courts rights in the arrest warrant and who so far can not be captured on individuals studies as a result people deprivation of liberty offenses for 12 years 10 months 10 days in jail because of MY, on charges of theft 3 years and 10 months imprisonment because M .C. , the borrower's payment requirement on charges of breach and 3 months imprisonment due M.Ç. , on charges of theft six years in prison due to SK, gratuitous benefit for the crime of MS, because of the service misappropriation of crime due to PD, wounding 1 year 15 days in jail S. I. penalty because the person for the offense of deprivation of liberty MMS, negligence causing injury to more than one person in one year prison sentence for the crime because of the EC and SKM 6136 25 days'imprisonment for the crime due to MYR with a total of 14 wanted suspects were caught.
FUGITIVES PARTY < strong> Pills with Captured
Public Security Directorate Wanted Persons Bureau officers someone else's bank or credit card benefit by the use of unauthorized charges finalized 3 years 1 month 15 days'imprisonment and a sought S.D. named persons were apprehended . Everyone made ​​the top search a total of 40 pieces clearly on the ring shape the Captagon estimated that the pills left inner pocket cutter portion 10 inches total of 22 inches opened and the lock mechanism knife, pants back pocket behalf of another person registered their photo affixed in condition identity cards dealt was passed .

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