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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:41

Puppy's ears were cut by

Puppy's ears were cut by
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The cutting of the wild puppy's ears caused reactions in Bursa .

Bursa news: Two months Akbas hybrid puppy , Nilüfer Municipality Veterinary Department of the Directorate of Animal Care and Treatment clung to life with surgery performed at the Center .
Recently in a two-month Akbas hybrid puppy , found ears cutaway . Nilufer district Alaaddinbey neighborhood on the way to a construction site worker status of the dog in the blood are identified by Nilüfer Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate teams were given notice . Teams at the scene , little puppy who just aching in pain and bleeding Nilüfer Municipality Directorate of Veterinary Affairs took the Animal Care and Treatment Center . Here the first checks were made ​​dog surgery . Prolonged postoperative puppy's ears'Y Plas was'rendered aesthetic technique. Photo Veterinarian Ayse Yazici, \"The patient was suffering our table inside and see when brought to our center. General situation because a lot of blood lost quite spoiled and had a bad image. Made we kept under observation after the first intervention and then we got to the operation of our patients. his ears were cut from the bottom of the pinna .'Y plasty'deformity of the ear with the technique, eliminating we perform aesthetic surgery successfully .'Can'our unfortunate offspring we put the name will have a short time in health care , \"he said .
Veterinary Department Director Dr. Mürsel Büyükçob that , \"In our country , ears and tail cut 5199 Animal Protection Law is prohibited under the circumstances. Such sanctions are applied in the determination of those behaviors . However , ears and tail cut is still maintained. We do not yakıştıra humanity discontinuation of these organs , which is God-given ,\"he said .


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